#191 Predicting Blizzard’s PAX EAST Announcement

With all the craziness of Patch 5.2 going on I want to take a minute to bring to light something in the gaming world caught my eye, it was the news snip-it that states that Blizzard is planning to announce something at this year’s PAX East

Blizzard - pax east schedule

The stars have aligned, this will be the year I will be able to witness a Blizzard announcement live.

This announcement must be big, because in previous years Blizzard  did not send their Warcraft game developers to Boston instead they would send representatives of Cryptozoic, Blizzard’s sister company, to PAX EAST to promote their trading card games and save any announcement about video games for their Blizzcon.  

Blizzard - pax east

I might be able to see Zarhym LIVE! I wonder if he will be just as skull-y and float-y as he is in his profile picture

The burning question is, “What could the announcement be?” It’s not about Star Craft II.5 or the expansion pack of Diablo 3, and it is certainly does not have anything to do with project TITAN (unless that’s what they want you to think!).

My first go-to Blizzard guess would be an updated announcement to Blizzard’s A.R.T.S. game, Blizzard All-stars, something that I have not heard about since last Blizzcon.

If any Blizzard employee's are reading I would love to have a hands on trail on this game

If any Blizzard employee’s are reading I would love to have a hands on trail on this game

If the announcement is not Blizzard DOTA’s release date or a major update on the game-play  it whole panel could be a tease for content that is in the early stages of development. It must have to be something that they want to announce now to get the media’s and player’s hype and then use the time between now and Blizzcon to flesh out the project.

My second guess would maybe have the announcement be something related with the Warcraft movie, maybe officially announcing the movie and them take the rest of the time talking about the plot or cast.

My third guess -and it’s a tad out there- is that Blizzard is using this time to announce a new Intellectual Property, a new game entirely. They could go to PAX EAST with the primary announcement with some concept art of the game and then properly show off the fleshed out game-play at their convention in the fall.

Or the announcement could be a reboot of some of Blizzard's older games

Or the announcement could be a reboot of some of Blizzard’s older games

The people at PAX East released the official schedule for all three days and as of right now Blizzard is planning to make their announcement on the first day, Friday, at 10 a.m.

I may not be the first to break the story but I can guarantee that you can read my reaction on whatever Blizzard has cooking on this blog, the Monday after the convention

*   *   *

I would also like to take this time to mention Humble Bundle’s fifth Android video-game bundle.

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