Hello, and welcome to Be MOP! If you are reading this, then that means that either I or somebody else have directed you to my blog.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Spencer Nozell, I am an ex-WoW player, currently a college graduate with a Bachelors in Political Science, and this blog covers my thoughts and ideas of PC videogames and beyond.

Posts are updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about my little corner of the web, feel free to explore the site. For now I recommend some of my favorite posts.

A few months before I started this blog I had a few articles published by WoW Insider. 

Be MOP #2. A look at Blizzard’s fetish for trolls

Be MOP#12. The time I traded the chance to see Emma Watson for a virtual dragon. 

Be MOP #15. I ask the question, “Where is Thrall and the Dragon Aspects after they defeated Deathwing?”

Be MOP #20. I make a prediction on how Nozdormu, the Dragon Aspect of time would die. 

Be MOP #27 Where I compare Hardvard’s Model United Nations to World of Warcraft

Be MOP#34. The start of a miniseries I had where I asked what WoW can learn from Doctor Who?

Be MOP #57. I tell the story about how I chose the name Noahdeer

Be MOP #69. When I tell the world that every World of Warcraft expansion will end up sucking…compared to the next one.

Be MOP # 71 When I talk about my concerns of being a max level character doing the fishing and cooking dailies in Cataclysm 

Be MOP #110 My very angry rant about the Mist of Pandaria pre-expansion event.

Be MOP #129 The depressing Tone of Mists’ Dungeons

Be MOP #138 A New Hope for the Return of Something Good

Be MOP #152 Where I compare Globalism to the Open Raid service 

Be MOP #163 Looking down memory lane, and Being Grateful for all the quality of life changes we live with now 

Be MOP #166 I talk about the tipping point in the Cold War and compare it to Garrosh’s campaign in Cataclysms and Mists of Pandaria

Be MOP #183 Returning to Harvard’s Model United Nation’s Conference with the asking the question, “Can there be lasting peace on Azeroth?”

Be MOP #187 I take a look back on the best and worst boss fights in patch 5.0 

Be MOP #217 My brilliant solution on how to fix the toxic community in League of Legends

Be MOP #222 I propose the question on whether or not Blizzard should regulate Diablo’s economy  

Be MOP #231 Drawing parallels between the Warcraft movie that is in the works and the 16 existing Pokemon films

Be MOP #235 Voicing my concerns about the future of Garrosh by using a Green Lantern story as an example

Be MOP #243 Started a miniseries about my opinions about Blizzard introducing their cosmetic hats (the follow up posts can be found at #245 & #248)

Be MOP #253 was the post when I announced that I was leaving World of Warcraft and changing the focus of this blog away from WoW and more towards videogames on a whole

Be MOP #254 This was where I discussed the moral dilemma I faced with TF2’s hats

Be MOP #256 Where I talk about the brilliance behind the fundraising tactics of the Humble Bundle

Be MOP #261 Explained why A.R.T.S. games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are going to lead to way for eSports to be recognized by the public as professional sports

Be MOP #265 Told the story of the last time I was truly surprised by an Easter Egg in a videogame

Be MOP #270 was the post  where I connected Black Mesa and Mighty No. 9 to Fanfiction by way of economics

Be #276 Revealed that Riot is currently positioning themselves for something greater with League of Legends

Be MOP #280 Broke down Batman’s and Spider-man’s different approaches to costumes in their videogames

Be MOP #285 Gave my two cents on the news that Russia want to start making educational videogames giving their side of the story throughout history

Be MOP #295 Talks about Neocolonialism…in a good light

Be MOP #302 Wonders where is our Doctor Who game

Be MOP #304 Goes through the different stages of of lead up the a new Console launch by comparing it to a US Presidential election

Be MOP #333 Replays to another website about how Superhero titles deserve more than arcade fighting games

Be MOP #348 Asked the simple question, “Should Bullshots be Illegal?”

Be MOP #350 Reveals Blizzard’s current ‘No Game is an Island’ marketing plan 

You can follow me in real life on Google+ and Twitter or send me a friend request via Steam or Blizzard Real ID.

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  1. Hey, Snozell. This is nichole, an editor from MMOsite. Do you have any interest to join in our blog writer club? Please let me know if you were interested in that. Thanks. : )

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