#192 Hunting Down Dino Bones

Patch 5.2 have been out for a few days, and I have been working through the Isles of Thunder dailies,  yesterday while I was helping the Kirin Tor Offensive fight through the waves of Trolls, Mogu, and Saurok all while trying to find those invisible mage bubbles  I felt like something was missing.

All those dailies were good, but they really did not unlock my inner Jeff Goldblum. In order to do that I would need to travel just north of Kun’Lai Summit into the Isle of Giants to hunt down study the new Dinosaurs that inhabit this isolated island.

God bless you Golbulm.

God bless you Goldblum.

The new island offers no quests or dailies that progress Thunder King story and the only daily quest giver is an undead troll that offers  Spirits and Motes of Harmony, a Spectral Porcupette, and the main prize of all Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor in exchange for bones that can be looted from the Dinosaurs in the area.

Out of all the mounts added in patch 5.2 this one have caught my eye. Not only is this another chance for an Alliance member to grab a Horde mount, but it also brings me back to my horde days since the PvP raptor mount was the second epic mount I added to my collection.

I was excited to start my journey for that mount, I thought I could put on a few podcasts and farm some bones from the dinosaurs all the while skinning the corpses on the island. Oh how wrong I was.

I first thought that I could take on the elite adult monsters.



Don’t worry though I was able to skin the Dinosaur that the hunter in the picture was fighting (after he left) and I was got a Magnificent Hide from it.

Then I thought that I could go toe to toe with one of the baby dinosaurs.



And then I thought I could tackle one of the Zandalari Dinomancers, and after using all of my cooldowns, trinkets and heals I was able to score a victory!

I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS

I’m making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS!

From that epic fight I was able loot 35 silver, 13 copper and one Giant Dinosaur Bone. I have never treasured a single collectible in my entire life.

That’s one down, nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight more to go. I think next time I go there I should be in 5.2 gear and bring a friend. 

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12 responses to “#192 Hunting Down Dino Bones

  1. Nice Portal reference 🙂 I raided Tuesday, did some Isle of Thunder dailies Wednesday, and did a full round of Isle of Thunder dailies last night. Hopefully I can visit the Isle of Giants tonight. I’m excited by it. It’s cool to put back an old-fashioned grind (especially since it’s purely optional).

  2. Hehe loved this! My husband took me through the dailies for the first time and neglected to mention the bubbles. He was saying “accept the quest then!” I was saying, “WHERE?? I can’t see anyone!!”

    I have yet to explore the Island of the Dino’s – perhaps something for a miserable Saturday 🙂

  3. I’m at 300 bones, no primal eggs but all 4 mini dino pets. However I’m starting to really hate on the Isle of Giants. Me (holy priest mainly dpsing) and my husband (combat rogue) have no issue killing anything but the adult devilsaurs but it’s not particularly fast. It’s going to be a long road to that raptor.

    • You have 300 bones so far!? what’s your secret?

      • The Medium dinos drop something like 15 bones, I am able to solo 2-3 of them at a time. Picked up ~ 100 bones and a pet in about 15 mins.

        The Adult dinos are a real pain, I tanked one for about 5 mins and found it a loosing proposition (didnt die but I did run away). One healer and a tank would be able to kill it relatively easy.

  4. I haven’t been to the dino-isle yet…but will today!

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