#538 Stretchmo -The right way to F2S

In gaming news that I am talking about a week late:In the lead up to E3 2015 all the companies have released a few minor to medium game related announcements to get everyone to start talking about their product.

One of them are the proposed updates to the XBox One and Windows 10 but because I have neither the console or operating system I have not given it much mid. What I do care about is the 3DS digital download announcement about one of the game series I am currently playing, and which I am calling the next installment of the Nintendo “*mo” series.

I have the first game in the series, Pushmo, as a free download from Club Nintendo. As I said before I have been playing through the game and as I said before it is incredibly cute and incredibly Japanese with a surprising amount of challenging stages. I have been sinking a good amount of time in a simple pushing and pulling platform game and I was debating on picking up the second installment to the game, CrashMo.

It's a good game that involves manipulating the platforms there's nothing more to say because that is all there is. But the game polishes that selling point to a mirror shine.

It’s a good game that involves manipulating the platforms there’s nothing more to say because that is all there is. But the game polishes that selling point to a mirror shine.

This new game, available now, looks like a proper sequel to the franchise by taking the game and giving it another added level of dimension by not only pushing/pulling the blocks in a stage but stretching the platforms outwards.

What makes this announcement interesting is that this game is that Nintendo incorporated the Free to Play model into the game, or as Nintendo and other companies are starting to call it, Free to Start. What is more impressive is that Nintendo apparently learned their lesson and made made this 3DS F2P/F2S game a bit better.

Currently there the Stretch Mo game is divided into four game modes, “Mallo’s Playtime Plaza”, “Poppy’s Sculpture Square”, “Carlin’s Fortress of Fun”, and “Papa Blox’s NES Expo”. Right now you can download the Welcome Center mode with seven free stages then after that you have the choice to pick what game mode you want to buy or buy the entire bundle for $9.99.

This is a great step forward for Nintendo, because one of my biggest complaints with Pokemon Shuffle, Nintendo’s first Free to Start game, was how the games gives you and is built around a limited amount of turns. Thus the game is skewed to play with the player’s temptation of using the premium currency to find the easy way out of the more difficult stages and progress through the game.

Instead it looks like Nintendo I going to focus more on making their Free to Start games serve more as a indept demo of the game, giving you unlimited playthroughs of a small segment of the game rather than taking an entire game and butchering it to fit into the F2P model.

I am glad to see Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction with their Journey into the F2P/F2S genre, but only time will tell if they are going to stay committed to this path or make another Candy Crush game with their next 3DS IP.

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