#68 Expanding into different games

Welcome back to Be MOP’s Pokemon week, this is where I find lessons where Blizzard can learn from the Pokemon company.

Monday I warned Blizzard about how much complexity is in a current Pokemon Battle. Now I am going to talk about the opportunity for Blizzard to produce non-canon games with their franchise.

Pokemon has done a excellent job marketing their Intellectual Property. Over the 20 years the Pokemon brand has been on everything from pencils, comicbooks, T-shirts, to bedsheets.

While Blizzard’s games are too mature for them to come out with Diablo themed Bed sheets and feetie Pajamas with a straight face. (Although I know there will be several people who would buy it) They can take a page out of the Pokemon company and start making spin-off games.

Pokemon has created dozens of  video games that has nothing to do with the main story of the Game boy game’s main story but is still connected to Pokemon in some way. They have created spin-off games like Pokemon Pinball (two different games), Pokemon the Trading Card Game the video game, Pokemon Educational games, and they even created a few dungeon crawling games.

Yes, every game that I just mentioned are games that I have played

This is what Blizzard should try to do for their next project, produce simple games that is not connected to the main stories of Diablo, StarCraft, or Warcraft but still have those character from each universe.

We see Blizzard branch out to other type of games they are already moving that way with the introduction of the Pet Battle, their hope of porting Diablo 3 to the console, and Blizzard All Star (their Dota game)

As a league of Legends player I am excited to play this game

I would like to encourage Blizzard to make more spin-off games, I doubt that any player would not want to see more games that take place in the Starcraft, Diablo or Warcraft universe where you play someone who is not that important who helps saves a certain historic fights or change the tide of a war.

It would be a good excuse to continue the Warcraft World, or go back and retell an important part of the lore without making a Warcraft 4 or a big WoW content patch. These games also have the added benefit of keeping the fans occupied between “official” game releases.


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3 responses to “#68 Expanding into different games

  1. aqusinna

    All I really know about in pokemon is that jessie is in team rocket…oh the childhood memories…

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