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#459 My Swaying Stance on Buying Amiibos

This is a big day for Nintendo, for today marks the release of the long awaited Pokemon Hoenn remake, the latest installment of the Super Smash Bros series and their newest product line, Amiibos, hints the store shelves as well.

Amiibos has been the latest addition to what I am reluctant to say the newest trend in videogames market, physical collectible toys that also have an unlockable character or gameplay for a game, basically physical DLC. Skylanders were the trailblazers with this trend, Disney Infinity followed up next and now it is time for Nintendo to shine.

I will have some choice words about how some amiibos are sold at certain exclusive stores. Put that for a later time

I will have some choice words about how some amiibos are sold at certain exclusive stores. But that’s for another time

When I first saw Nintendo’s introduction video of Amiibos, I was against it scorned by the horror stories of the other games in the trend. Both Skylander and Disney Infinity does the terrible act of gating playable characters behind a paywall, which takes the form of toys. Say what you will about ARTS/MOBA games but at least you can earn every champion, with the option to buy the champion in question if you do want to go through the grind.

50$ start up and <$10 per champion for on disk content. No thank you.

50$ start up and <$10 per champion for on disk content. No thank you.


But after watching some of the newest Nintendo Direct and their plans for current and future Amiibo support, I have moved back onto the fence. The big push is with Super Smash bros, having the Amiibos act as customizable and upgradable friendly NPC fighters, in Mario Kart Amiibos unlocks special Mii racing outfits that your Miis can wear on the race tracks with the promise of Amiibos support for future games like, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Mario Party 10.

Comparing SKylanders to Amiibos, Nintendo offers a better investment than Disney or Skylander because those two only works with one game, and Amiibos has the promise/potential to work with  every big Nintendo game for the rest of the Wii U life cycle. It also might hint of more of Nintendo IP crossovers like we have seen with Smash and Mario Kart 8 DLC and this would also provide some incentive for Nintendo to start producing more Wii U games of older Intellectual properties, like Metroid and F-zero for example.

And nobody's objecting to getting another F-zero game.

And nobody’s objecting to getting another F-zero game.


Personally I am waiting for more Nintendo games to come out with full Amiibo compatibility before I buy any, making sure it is not just a One trick pony. If I do commit to a purchase I am probably going to just limit myself to buying one, and only one and stick with it for *Hopefully* all of the future Nintendo games. I probability buy my Amiibo version of my Smash main, once I finally figure out what is my new Smash main or possibly my old school favorite, Pikachu or Mario.

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