#532 Waiting for my PC

If you have tuned into any of my past streams you might have noticed I have made comments on the graphical status of my gameplay feed. That is because I am currently playing on a very reliable, but still showing her age, four-year old ASUS gaming laptop.

The fact that I play on an outdated computer shows with every stream session I when I keep pushing my CPU to it’s limit for most of the my time on air and as a result my framerate was hitting 20 fps on a good day despite having almost every game played on my Twitch channel had to be cranked down to their lowest possible setting.

For the past year I have manage to able to manage with those limitations to still give a quality stream but I knew the writing was on the wall for this laptop of mine. At the start of the new year I realized that if I wanted to continue streaming I would need a bit of an upgrade, so for the past five months I have been saving up and squirreling away a nice chunk of change to eventually cash out for a custom-built PC tower for my very own.

I was biding my time, waiting for the right time to buy, which was about another month and a half but everything completely changed when this past Sunday, a sudden bout of summer temperatures that graced New Hampshire forced my computer to shut down from overheating, not once, twice, but three times. Twice when I was on Twitch and once more when I was playing a ranked A.R.T.S/MOBA. That was the final straw.

I cleaned out my fan or a bit but if my laptop was having trouble keeping up in the middle of spring, my laptop can not survive a scorcher summer. I have consulted with my younger, more tech savvy brother, for gaming computer build that fits my budget and has everything it needs to play my games at a respectable frame rate on top of meeting all of my streaming needs. If everything goes according to plan both of us will be gathering all the parts at the nearest Micro center and putting everything together on a lazy, but glorious, Sunday afternoon.

It is a statement to say that I am excited for this upcoming Sunday because on top of drastically improving the quality of my Twitch Session I will finally be able to play all the past few year’s AAA games that I have bought during the Steam’s Summer and Winter Sales at 1060p with a stable 60fps that these great games deserved to be play at.



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