#527 Twitch Trilogy: Software

Welcome back to the second part of the week long Twitch blog post series. Last time I talked about the bare minimum hardware that you will need to stream well, now we get to look at the other side of the computer coin and talk about the software needed to streaming.

The first and most important software you need is a game you want to stream. There are a ton of games out there that you could play and there are games that are ideal and some that are not ideal. From what I have seen and streamed a rule of thumb for games to stream, you want a game with high replayability and very little important voice dialogue and cut-scenes.

There is a reason why ARTS/MOBA games like League of Legends, Dota 2, & (my main streaming game) Infinite Crisis and FPS games like C.O.D, HALO, and Battlefield are preferred games to play on Twitch. All of those games have a next to no story lines, high amounts of action, and a nice amount of consistency that allows any viewer to tune in even during of a middle of a match.

Games like TellTale’s works and the Final Fantasy series with heavy story campaigns with no new game plus are not ideal for streamers starting out looking for a game to constantly play on air. Those games are great the stream once you have a viewer base and want to do a one-off gaming mini-series.

When I was preparing to start my own twitch page, I had a short list of games that I wanted to stream that fit into those parameter and in another life I could have been celebrating my one year twitch anniversary as a League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Heroes of Newerth or Binding of Isaac streamer.

I will mention this in Friday’s post about the social side of streaming but you will need to find a game and play that game near exclusively until you attract a following, and you will eventually. Then you can branch out into other games, that is why it is important to find a game that you actually enjoy and feel comfortable playing, but never feel like you are locked into one game forever.

The second most important bit of software you will need is a streaming program. Twitch has a recommends a few on their site, I personally use Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). For first time streamers that choose OBS I recommend THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. If you choose another streaming program I am positive that you will be able to find an online tutorial on how to navigate through the broadcasting and resolution settings.

Before you start streaming on your official debut stream, make sure you know the ins and outs of your preferred broadcasting program. That means fiddling around with your resolution, the layout, where to put your webcam and everything else and making sure you can connect to the Twitch servers. Mock my words, there will be times when you are live and something malfunctions and it will be up to you to fix the problem, ideally without interrupting and turning off the stream.

And pro tip: listen to past broadcasts to check if your gameplay and voice sound levels are balanced, for the longest time my game volume was drowning out my voice on air.

One last thing, because I this streaming tip won’t fit into anywhere else in the three categories: Make a solid streaming schedule that has Days the Hours you start streaming and stick to it. People like consistency and it helps the people tuning to know when they can catch you on air again.

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Disclosure: I am apart of the Streamer Partnership Program for Turbine’s A.R.T.S/MOBA, Infinite Crisis, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This blog post was written without approval, consent, or knowledge from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or any of it’s subsidiaries


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