#524 One Final Goodbye to Club Nintendo

Very soon we will be seeing the absolute ending of the six year long Club Nintendo consumer loyalty program by the middle of the summer of this year

We have seen the slow phasing out of this program since the beginning of this year, with their announcement of the discontinuation in January, the last day to redeem Nintendo coins ending at the end of March, and the closing of the entire site at 11:59pm in June.

Even though with the closing of this program we have seen Nintendo ending things out on a high note, with the last batch of club rewards being almost every past game up for grabs. We have also seen Nintendo still hold true to their past club reward promises, like the delivery of the physical copy of the Smash Soundtrack and a free DLC code for Mewtwo if you bought both platform copies of Super Smash Bros.

I’m still going on about the Smash CD because in this day and age any other gaming company would have just emailed you a download link to their soundtrack, but Nintendo went a step beyond and mailed out packages to everyone, which gives them incredible amount of respect in the consumer relationship department.

Just recently Nintendo announced their final rewards for all their Gold and Platinum club members and for a second year in a row I was able to secure a gold status on my account, although I just barely missed Platinum status by the skin of my teeth. Even though these rewards have been out since the start of the month I am talking about them, and saying my goodbyes now because I am fashionably late when it comes to redeeming these codes and discussing about them on this blog.

not a bad turnout

not a bad turnout

With my gold status I was able to snag Pushmo for the 3DS, because it fulfilled the categories of being a game for the 3DS and being one of the few games on that list that I do not already have on my device. I did not have much expectations for Pushmo, because it was a free game and only acting as a filler game between now and when I eventually get my hands on Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition, but I have found myself really enjoying this very casual platform puzzle game, marathoning through level after level and even getting stuck in a few places. And pushmo has been doing a great service for me by distracting me with this good free game so I do not spend so much time on the terribly implemented F2P Pokemon Shuffle game

Although I have already downloaded Pokemon's OTHER f2p game.

Although I have already downloaded Pokemon’s OTHER f2p game.

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