#519 Nintendo’s official custom Amiibos

Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct brought some several company updates about the status on some of the announced games and projects they are working on, from Fire emblem to Mario Kart and Smash. Out of everything, my favorite segment was the introduction of Nintendo’s newest custom variants for their Amiibo collection.

of course I'm getting one

of course I’m getting one

With Yoshi’s Woolly World Nintendo will be rolling about a special yarn made version of their Yoshi amiibo to launch alongside the game and with the announcement we got to see the Amiibo integration of the Yarn Amiibo working within the game, acting as a NPC player two that mimics the movements of player one. Between the Golden Mario and the entire Super Mario line of smash amiibos the announcement of new takes on old established amiibos should not be unexpected from anyone.

With Amiibos the Nintendo scene has seen a sudden popularity explosion akin to the Beanie Babies mania of the 90’s. There are multiple theories on why Amiibos took off as well as they did, it could because they were riding on the coattails of Super Smash Bros and the potential for future support for all the main AAA Nintendo games that will come out on the Wii U and 3DS. There is certainly a collectable feature to getting all of your favorite relatively cheap Nintendo figurines (especially when Nintendo fumbles shipping out enough supply to meet the demands of the North American market)

Nothing's better be stopping me from getting my hands on a PacMan amiibo

Nothing’s better be stopping me from getting my hands on a PacMan amiibo

But I think of the the biggest push for the popularity of fan made custom amiibos, repainting some Amiibos to better relax the alternative costumes in Smash to full remodeling and even stashing the NFC chip within a GameBoy Color cartridge.

I do believe that Nintendo saw the trend of custom amiibos and more importantly, the market of custom amiibo on sites like Ebay that lead to the inspiration to ship the new line of Super Mario Amiibos and the production of the Gold variant Mario amiibo. Hopefully if Nintendo continues this trend we might see a reemergence of some of the extremely rare amiibos as variants for their newest game, here’s looking at you Marth and Star Fox.

While I do not mind the idea of Official Nintendo customs Nintendo should take never lock amiibo gameplay content behind the variant amiibo and not the ‘standard’ Smash amiibo. This is a big worry for me right now because in the Nintendo Direct the show only showed the yarn yoshi being used in the Yoshi’s Woolly World game and I can not find anything, at time of writing, that says that the the Smash or Super Mario Amiibo would unlock the same feature. That’s a dark road for Nintendo to be going down.

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