#517 Boston FIG 2015

A few weeks ago I received an announcement email from MIT that they have started selling tickets for this year’s Boston Festival for Independent Gaming event.

because there is no way of isolating your entire readership than by limiting the blog post to a geographical location

Boston FIG is one of the few gaming conventions to grace their presence on the east coast, hosted on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, Boston FiG’s main purpose is showcasing the newest New England indie games that has recently or will be launching in the near future. I attended the past two years and last year with my younger brother, going by last year’s activities, Boston Fig has one expo floor for Indie board/card game expo floor, a separate expo hall for the video games and a handful of classrooms dedicated to panels and indie game discussions.

I would not lightly recommend Boston FIG to non-indie fans, the event is there to serve a very niche demographic of the videogame world, with their talks and panels heavily focused towards the indie developers side of the indie gaming scene, with the panels focused with the game developer in mind, with talks about on how to create interesting levels, characters, and music for their games.

Even though I am not a game dev, by any stretch of the imagination, I still found those talks interesting and fun because I am one of those people who enjoy taking apart and examining the foundation and inner works of my favorite games. Plus I get to increase my indie game nerd cred by claiming that I saw these games first on the expo floor before they became incredibly successful on Steam and around the internet.

My brother and I have already bought my tickets and if you are are in the Boston area this September and have an interest in either seeing the newest batch of independent games or your have interest in jump starting your own personal indie game project the price for the tickets are ten dollars and you can sign up to register HERE. If you are are still on the fence about attending, I could say you would be hard pressed to find any other videogame themed activities for $10 in Boston on a lazy Fall Saturday day trip.

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