#516 The Potential Politics Behind the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot

The most recent Nintendo Direct we saw Nintendo bring out the big guns for their opening act, the status update on all the Smash DLC currently in the works. We finally got to see some in game fighting scenes with a release date of April 28 for the Mewtwo fighter DLC with a follow up with a surprise, MOTHER 3 Please, Lucas reveal slated to be available sometime in June of this year and a handful of cosmetic Mii Costumes DLC.

While I am already guaranteed a free download of the Mewtwo  fighter I will get day one buying Lucas for both platforms, as for the I think I will opt out of purchasing on the grounds that I do not main as a Mii fighter and I have not vested interest in sporting any of those outfits.

Although I would love to see some, ideally free, DLC of new or remastered smash stages.

Although I would love to see some, ideally free, DLC of new or remastered smash stages.

But the coolest, and most interesting thing added to the Smash franchise is the Official Nintendo Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, which will allow gamers to properly advocate their desires on who they want to see added to the Smash roster. Although the introduction of this internet wide poll might have undermined their original intentions of adding the Mii Fighters, as Nintendo’s way of saying ‘if you don’t see your favorite character added at launch, you can just include them yourself.’


While Nintendo’s official intentions was to ask fans for feedback on which Nintendo and other video game character Sakurai and the Smash devs did not originally think of when building the game but the way I see it this is a wonderful out for Nintendo to get more third party developers to agree to sharing their IPs with Nintendo.

You can already see it around the internet people are asking and demanding non-Nintendo characters to be added to the game, some from the developers themselves. Which company or developer would not want to see some more exposure of their creations on one of the biggest Nintendo game? especially if it under the story that the fans were the ones lobbying for it.

We have already seen it with Yacht Club, a game that made its console debut on the Wii U and 3DS, and we have even seen it with one of the head of the other rival console company making a comment that they would consider sharing one of their IPs to be added into Smash, if the fans wanted it enough.

shovel knight smash

Come on Mr. Spencer we all know Microsoft's not using him anymore. Also Battletoads

Come on Mr. Spencer we all know Microsoft’s not using him anymore.
Also Battletoads.

With this potentially hidden political ploy Nintendo can add all the 3rd party fighters they want because it will only add to the life span of the Smash WiiU and 3DS. The life span is especially important to these games since Nintendo sticks to the business practice of one major addition to the Nintendo franchise per console and this build of Smash is the only one we are going to have for a years, and Nintendo needs to do everything it can to make sure Smash is in the gaming public’s conscience for a long, long while.

Nintendo can add all these third party characters under the conditions that all the characters are viable in a quasi competitive scene and Nintendo can add any character they want right after they add both Bayonetta and at least one of the members of Wonderful 101 in the game as a Platinum Star DLC pack.


Nintendo please. They’re Wii U exclusives

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