#514 The Price of the Gold Variant

These past few weeks I have seen what I would do for Gold variants in games. Two weeks ago Nintendo launched another addition to one of their staple franchise for their Wii U, Mario Party 10. I game I would pick up in a heartbeat if I had an abundance of friends whose friendships would still be intact after a few matches of Mario Party. But alongside the launch of the new Mario Party game, Nintendo also pushed out a new mini-wave of remodeled Amiibos of some of the main characters from the games.

In a trend I like, Nintendo is continuing to use Amiibo support outside of just Smash. image via: MyNintendoNews

In a trend I like, Nintendo is continuing to use Amiibo support outside of just Smash.
image via: MyNintendoNews

Along with the regular line of Super Mario/Mario Party Amiibos Wal-mart made an exclusive deal with Nintendo to only carry the special Gold Mario amiibo in what I assumed was the result of Walmart executives seeing the result of other Amiibo exclusives and wanted to hop on the Nintendo Hype Train.

Initially I had no plans to buy the Golden Mario Amiibo, I already had the Smash version of Mario and Nintendo had made it clear that all types of Mario Amiibos are compatible with Smash and Mario Party, and the only reason to pick up a second Mario, Luigi, Bowser, or Peach Amiibo was to preserve your Smash Amiibo fighting file on the base of the statue. Which was not a problem for me because I still do not have Mario Party 10, I do not main Mario in Super Smash Bros. and after months owning the Smash Mario Amiibo I still have yet to take him out of his box.

Even with all those valid reasons NOT to buy a golden Mario amiibo I still found myself at the local 24 hour Walmart waiting 90+ minutes after my work shift waiting in line at a makeshift Golden Mario Amiibo launch party for my chance to purchase one of the dozen or so Golden Mario Amiibo that Nintendo decided to ship to that location.

I was able to get my amiibo, and I was able to chit chat with some other Amiibo hunters

I was able to get my amiibo, and I was able to chit chat with some other Amiibo hunters. (you can see my smash Mario amiibo just behind Mega Man)

The other Golden tale I want to talk about was from a game I stream quite regularly, Infinite Crisis, DC Comics’ A.R.T.S/MOBA game. Infinite Crisis left it’s beta phase and officially launched the game on their own client and on the Steam Store last week. With the launch on Steam, the people at Turbine made two DLC packs for steam users, a Infinite Crisis Basic pack which unlock eight different champs and the Infinite Crisis Elite Pack which is a smidge more expensive but unlocks all 33 of the champions were in the character’s roster at launch.

The reason I am talking about the DLC packs is because as an incentive to Steam users, both DLC champion packs comes with a Steam exclusive GOLD Superman costume. Just like before, there was no reason to buy any of the DLC packs, after playing a year of IC I already unlocked most of the champions in the game, and just like Mario, I do not main Superman in the game nor do I play the jungle role that, Superman plays best as, in general. But with all of those I still found myself at the Steam Store checkout page, purchasing the Elite Pack.

I got it because it was so SHINY

I got it because it was so SHINY

One part because it was, at the time of buying was 67% off knocking down the price to a more manageable and financially justifiable $30, and I felt like I needed to give Infinite Crisis some money to celebrate their launch as a thank you for playing and streaming their game on my Twitch page for almost a year.

After thinking about, if I were to find a reason for going after these two gilded purchases was; One part brand loyalty, another part because it was an exclusive item that could only be obtained through a certain way, but on top of that wasthe terrible fear that if I do not buy these exclusive gold items now I might never be able to buy it later. That fear holds a bit of water because it seems that Nintendo still has not grasped the simple economic idea of creating enough supply to match the demand from the consumers because after the initial release I have yet to see any other more Golden Mario Amiibos, and they are going for a fortune on eBay. And with Infinite Crisis, once their launch day steam sale ends there would be no way to justify a buying the Elite Pack DLC at full price.

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Disclosure: I am apart of the Streamer Partnership Program for Turbine’s A.R.T.S/MOBA, Infinite Crisis, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This blog post was written without approval, consent, or knowledge from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or any of it’s subsidiaries


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