#512 Let the Political Games Begin

Ladies and Gentlemen this has been an amazing week, if you live in the United States and had access to any form of News Media you would have heard that US Senator Ted Cruz sent out a tweet announcing his candidacy for the 2016 presidential elections. With that one single tweet it marked the start of my favorite gaming event, the 2016 Presidential elections.

Yes one of America’s greatest gaming event, more complicated than Eve online, more difficult than Dark Souls, and more popular than League of Legends and it’s better than Civ 5 with the Brave New World expansion pack. This game has been in closed Beta for a few years now and just recently we saw glimpses and the battlefield of the game in the open beta but we had no idea when the electoral games would officially be released until this very week with that bombshell tweet.

Per the rules of the game, the previous champion can not run again so this season we will be seeing an all out brawl from all sides of the political spectrum.

Per the rules of the game, the previous champion can not run again so this season we will be seeing an all out brawl from all sides of the political spectrum.

Right now we are in the pick-bans phase of the early primary election brackets of this two-year long competitive gaming tournament, with each side trying to find the best team to put up for the final match that ends the on the first Tuesday of November 2016.

The political season is my favorite game because it offers so much value and entertainment for such a wide range of people, more than over any other gaming or sporting event out there. Within the next two years there will be parades, rallies, political drama, and internet hashtags for politicians and voters can enjoy. For the more competitive members we also have intellectual debates, speeches, on top of that all party war rooms, internet forums, and coffee shops alike will be discussing strategies and candidate’s actions and predicting future activities.

There will be major political plays followed by the counters from the opposing teams, analysts looking over every move discussing it in-depth while always talking about the change in the meta-game between this and last season, fans avidly rooting for their favorite teams, new undecided participates, ranks and tournaments and lets not forget about the eventual gaffes and unintentional slip ups that will birth various memes that will prosper around every corner of the internet. I will admit I am a bit bias, I live in New Hampshire, the co-capital of early election politics, so I have grown up in the middle of fray of every major political power grab.

Being first in the nation comes with some benefits

Being first in the nation comes with some benefits

The biggest reason I love the presidential, and all other political, elections is because it is completely Free-to-Play for everybody who wants to watch or run. As a candidate or voter there is no subscription fee or any mandatory start-up cost besides the initial registration fee for both groups which is akin to paying for the internet service rather than buying the game At the end of the day is always up the to the player in these games to decide how much they are willing to spend on their political own campaigns.

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