#506 Guest Post from Coinslotter

Unfortunately, PAX East has come to an end this year. Fun times were had and we learned a lot of things, from the newest products to Rock Band 4. However, one of the most important things I learned this year was from the Indie Mega Booth and how, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve your wildest dreams. Cheesey, I know, but hear me out. Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to work in the games industry. I tried my hand at almost everything, from programming to narrative writing, but I constantly felt like I wasn’t good at it or that there were other people out there who were better than me. It also felt like I needed a reason to do it, like a job or a school project. It wasn’t until this year where I felt like I actually stood a chance in achieving this goal. I had buckled down and began to write on my blog consistently, whatever came to my mind. My views were starting to grow and it excited me to see that people were actually reading. Then PAX came and I planned on covering whatever I could get my hands on. At first I was a little intimidated by the show floor and didn’t know where to start. I was pretty shy and unsure on how to approach people about their game; that is, until I found the Indie Megabooth. There I was able to approach the games without having to wait in long lines and the developers were eager to show off their games. Seeing how much these indie developers wanted to show off their games and put themselves out there made me realize they weren’t much different than I was. They weren’t these untouchable, almost fictional-like people working in an unreachable job; they were normal people who wanted to make games because they were passionate about them and wanted to do it their own way. After seeing this, I was much more relaxed and able to talk to people about their games. It no longer felt like I was an interrogative reporter, but someone having a one-on-one chat with an artist who is passionate about their work. I was even able to work up the courage to talk to some of the bigger developers, like the ones at Behemoth, and ask them about their game. So, if there is one thing that I were to take away from this PAX, it would be to never discouraged because you aren’t a professional or experienced. You should be excited that you are starting fresh and that you have a world of possibilities at your disposal.  

This guest post is brought to you by Brandon Dannenhoffer. He is an aspiring video game journalist and game designer from Brooklyn, New York. He can be found at coinslotter.wordpress.com, on Twitter at @coinslotter, and occasionally lost in his own thoughts.

I’m also on Twitter Be MOP focuses on the world of videogames with my own reflections about the current news and developments that happens throughout the gaming industry. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


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