#495 Snow day for this Blog Post

It seems like have to issue another apology but I experienced the perfect storm of; my regular weekday schedule that does not allow much time for many serious play sessions, work itself, and getting snow in at work without any handhelds or any internet to look up the latest  that canceled my ability to come up with a proper topic for today’s blog post.

I should really come up with a new name for these blogging non-posts. I have already done a Star War and Star Trek theme filler post series. any suggestions?


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One response to “#495 Snow day for this Blog Post

  1. Oh wow!! I hated getting trapped at the office with bad weather. At least I had access to the internet before the power went out – that was years ago though. Hehe, now i just sit in my loft and watch the snow come down and giving thoughts to the fact that I don’t have to be out in it.

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