#494 Evolve’s Monstrous DLC problem

Evolve, the newest AAA game just hit the shelves, and from the marketing and gameplay it looks like Evolve might be the biggest game of 2015, in terms of new IP. This looked like a cool game, something that I would be interested in playing with other people, either as hunting down a monster in a pack or hunting the hunters themselves. But I, as many other people have said before, the DLC built into the game and that are all available for Day One purchasing have made me very cautious for in buying anything for the game.


The game looks cool by not only just the game’s concept of a monster hunt but by looking at the resume of the game developers behind the game

The base game is priced at $60, but if you preordered the game you get a fifth playable monster, there is a current DLC pack that promises four more playable human characters, ten cosmetic monster and hunter skins (all priced between 5-7 USD a pop) and the promise of more DLC later down the line. One of my reservation about this game is how much content I will be missing if I just bought the base game later once there is a decent sale of it on Steam.

It is a new game of a fresh IP, why would I have any trust in the game to justify spending even more money than the sixty dollar price tag

It is a new game of a fresh IP, why would I have any trust in the game to justify spending even more money than the sixty dollar price tag

So far it is established that if I buy the base game right now I will be missing out on one giant monster and four hunters. Because of that all DLC gated content that might favor those who are willing to spend more money, especially since this a strong PvP game where the DLC content would directly affect my potential matches.

Maybe I am just spoiled by the recent Nintendo games I have been playing. Besides Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros I have also played through Platinum Star’s other Wii U game, The Wonderful 101. All of those Nintendo games that I mentioned had more than enough content within the base game, a 12-20+ hour story campaign for Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101, numerous in game unlockables across the board and plenty of replay value. All for the base price of 30 and 60 USD.

This game offers such a good story and so much content that it doesn't feel right that I bought it for $30

This game offers such a good story and so much content that it doesn’t feel right that it was bought for $30

While Smash has confirmed DLC, in the form of Mewtwo being a playable character but I am not raising too much fuss over it because the DLC will be release months after launch and more importantly Nintendo has proved themselves by supporting the Wii U game with free patches, one that supports more 8 player matches. Even Pokemon, a company that is trying to move away from the shadow of Nintendo, has offered free in game support to their customers post-launch by way of free DLC of legendary pokemons and special/exclusive hidden ability version of their Generation 4 starter set that could be paid DLC under the reigns of a less forgiving game developer.

I wish I could say that is this my welcome back to the Computer playing scene but since all of Evolve and all of it’s DLC is available for PS4 and Xbox One, I guess this is my welcome back to the ‘hard-core gaming world’.

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One response to “#494 Evolve’s Monstrous DLC problem

  1. Level Whimsicality

    I’ve gotten rather worried about Evolve. It’s a huge red flag for me when their DLCs are so early and tailored to feel like you’re going to be missing out if you don’t get them RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MOMENT. If your game is even halfway good you’ll have customers flocking to the DLC in no time.

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