#493 Playing the long con with the Mega Man Amiibo

Very lately I have been feeling the recurring itch to go out and buy more of Nintendo’s Amiibo. 

I have already own five amiibos already but I want more. Despite the fact that I only have two amiibo supported games and out of the five I only got one to level 50 in Smash. 

I was doing well in to not caving into the temptation to buy more plastic dolls inposeable action figures but the third waves of amiibo figures just started arriving on the store shelves and out of all of them one is particular has caught my eye, Mega Man.

3 amiibo


I want a Mega Man Amiibo not because I main him in Smash, like I do with Pikachu, or because he is one of my favorite videogame character. No I want the Mega Man Amiibo because he belongs to a set of Amiibos characters that will never, ever get any more Wii U/New 3DS amiibo support. 

Yes Mega Man falls into the unfortunate group of Amiibos, with Pac Man and Sonic, that are videogame characters made by other gaming companies. Looking back on Nintendo’s past history with cooperating with third party companies and the hassle it is licencing other company’s IP, it is safe to say that we will not be getting any further support of these 3rd party characters.

not to mention that the Mega Man game franchise is dead in the water.

not to mention that the Mega Man game franchise is dead in the water.


I have lucked out with my own Mario, Link, and D.K because I know that those few will get supported in almost every future Nintendo game. I am going to go out of my way to ensure that I have the blue bomber statue for decoration and possibly for smash if I can be bothered to do so. While you might think I am wasting money, I am instead playing the long con.


It is a fact that Might No 9 will be coming out soon and with the HOPEFUL success from this totally-not-mega-man Kickstarter game. My hope is that it will finally shame CAPCOM enough to force their hand and finally make a long over due Mega Man game. If CAPCOM does make a console version of a new Megaman game you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be on the Wii U and if it they will would be foolish NOT to offer Mega Man Amiibo support. Then I will have the last laugh when everyone and their mom will be scrambling to find a Mega Man Amiibo in time for the CAPCOM game’s release when all I have to do is just dust it off from my shelf.


Its a bit of big gamble, but if I win the payout will be huge.

Its a bit of big gamble, but if I win the payout will be huge.

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