#489 Another PAX East 2015 Post

We are now little more than a month away from Boston hosting the next Penny Arcade convention. Soon Boston will be runneth over from nerds and geeks from all walks of life  Card game geeks, board games, to videogames, lets players and streamers to cosplayers and all around general nerds will converge  for a 3 day extravaganza.

Having Boston host PAX East  is  a more prestigious honor than housing the Olympics. ...In my humble opinion

Having Boston host PAX East is a more prestigious honor than housing the Olympics. …In my humble opinion

Along with them, major AAA and indie development teams from around the world will converge to onto Boston to show off their newest and latest games on the expo floor and expo theater halls will be full of panels of discussion ranging from gameplay philosophy to entertainment and journalism.

but as I said before, “the Convention is only as good as the people there, and while the panels and flashy booths on the Expo floor are a major crowd pleasers, the best part is the people you meet and the activities you do after the expo hall shuts down.

Lately I have been asking the people who tune into my stream this question for a while and I traditionally dedicate a few blog posts to reach out to everyone on WordPress and beyond to ask the simple question, “Who’s going to PAX East this year?”

If you are reading this and are planning on going for either one or all three days, leave a comment down below with what you are most excited to see at PAX this year. And lets see if we can meet up on the expo hall, exchange 3DS streetpasses or play a few rounds at the arcades booths that they always have set up over there.

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