#483 Thoughts on the New 3DS Handheld

In the middle of this week Nintendo hosted their monthly Nintendo Direct NA feed across the internet. Nintendo started the new year running with status updates on some confirmed games for this year, while revealing some new upcoming projects and most importantly Nintendo showcased their newest handheld, the New 3DS device.

As of right now classic 3DS is going to be pushing four years old next month, so it was not too surprising to hear that a newer, slightly upgraded model coming to the shelves. Because of this wonderful thing called ‘The Internet’ and ‘Globalization’ the western world knew about this for quite a while, and I have given it some thought over the past few weeks on whether I should abandon my old 3DS device, go out, and purchase this new edition to device line.

The funny thing is that while I just celebrated my 3DS's one year anniversary, my brother just got his 3DS XL last week just for Smash and Pokemon.

The funny thing is that while I just celebrated my 3DS’s one year anniversary, my brother just got his 3DS XL last week just for Smash and Pokemon.

Th New 3DS model comes has some new features and gimmicks added over the classic model. Besides the Super NES colored buttons, the major selling points Nintendo has stressed are; faster processing power than the regular 3DS, Amiibo/NFC support added to the bottom screen, face tracking technology so that no mater what angle you face the screen the device will adjust itself to prevent any 3D tearing.

All those selling points are interested and neat, but so far it is not worthy enough to do a day one buy for this newest Nintendo handheld, but possibly to replace if mine 3DS ever breaks down, considering it as a replacement rather than an upgrade. The big question is, “How much will the New 3DS be a must buy to enjoy future Nintendo handheld games?”

In order to have the New 3DS be considered a hard hitting, must buy, successor to the four year old 3DS, it needs to have some hard hitting system sellers that utilizes the Amiibo capabilities and the faster processor. Currently Nintendo has confirmed that 3DS smash will be patched in with Amiibo support  and they also have the New 3DS exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles port but I need something more to convince me that this is a good investment, worthy of upgrading.

As always Nintendo could force my hand by making their next big Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon game exclusive to the New 3DS handheld. We might see that in the upcoming year, I honestly do not know the future of Nintendo and their New 3DS.

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