#480 The History of Be MOP’s Escape Posts

This past Monday I concluded my last post in the Filler Post series, catching up to the most recent Star Trek motion picture title. Now after closing my third get-out-of-blogging-requirement post I think now would be a good time to take a look back and share all the clever tricks I used over the years to still hit my blogging requirements.

The idea of these non-content blog posts started as a simple idea way, way, back in the day when Be MOP was a Warcraft blog that was focused on the adventures I had through the Azeroth and the Beta of Mists of Pandaria. The post was called, Be MOP #130 Screenshots of Pandaria, and it was just a collection of five of my favorite screenshots from the expansion with clever captions beneath them.

I officially turned the Screenshots of Pandaria idea into a series a month later when college term papers were piling up and I had no time in the semester finals crunch to dedicate to writing and editing a blog post. By the fifteenth edition I moved the Be MOP Blog away from just exclusively talking about Blizzard and World of Warcraft and because of that my Screenshots in the series quickly became over run with screenshots from other PC games that I was playing through and some people were starting to call me out on it.

screen shots 15

It was a great series because for a year it gave me a wonderful fall back to have when I could not think of something to write about at the time. While I put my Screenshots series to rest I still had the problem of occasionally hitting a creative drought or a writer’s block and I wrote about those.

Be MOP #271 was simple enough, I had a very meta post that proclaimed and apologizes that I just could not write anything for that day and to make it unique I added a simple picture of a block of wood from Minecraft to still keep it videogame related about a month later I had to resort to using the Writer’s Block series with #286 Return of the Writer’s Block and it was only until the third when I turned it into a Star Wars named series with the third edition, #303 The Writer’s Block Strikes Back and then continued forward with naming all future Writer’s Blocks with the Star Wars Prequel movie titles. When I ran out of Star Wars titles I moved on to the next logical frontier to explore was the final frontier with the Filler Post series that went through all the major Star Wars Movies.

Besides those I also had a few 404 posts as emergency posts I used as well.

Besides those I also had a few 404 posts as emergency posts I used as well.

If this blog post is about anything it would be offering my most important blogging tip to everyone out there who has or is planning on starting a blog for the new year, the advice is; Always have an escape post up your sleeve. Even if you build your daily schedule for an allotted amount of time each day to write or even think about a blog post odds are eventually something will happen in the other parts of your life that will force you to cut into your blogging time, and during those time it is important to still keep your site updated with content. Even if it is the most pathetic blog post you ever publish, it still put a little bit of effort into it (hence the Star Wars and Star Trek themed non-posts) to prove to your readers and anyone out there that you are still putting effort into your site and that you care about the product that you are making.

Because it is incredibly easy to lose the motivation to go out and make a new post after you skipped one or two of your scheduled blog post deadlines, do not take my word for it just look at the hundreds of dead sites that have not seen a new blog posts in months or even years.

My second piece of blogging advice for everyone is to find a blogging community resource. there was a time I frequently visited Blog Azeroth‘s Shared topic page where Warcraft bloggers would offer shared topics for each week, for everyone to write about it with their own two cents on the issue. There was a time where I could rely on that site to provide me with a third creative requirements that I would have to write about each week.

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