#474 My Amiibo Wish

Christmas came this year and I am glad to write that the day was full of gifts, good spirits, holiday foods and of course a viewing of Lord of the Rings. Out of everything that Santa brought Amiibos versions of my brother and my main, Pikachu for me, Yoshi for one of my brother, and Kirby for my other brother.

Jump > Down+ B for days

Jump > Down+ B for days

I wrote about the Amiibo products before (Be MOP #459), and during that time o writing I was tempted to buy a one or two and I am glad I did not. Upon opening and inspecting, the figurine are quite impressive and stand alone statues, with a nice weight to it and and you could just was easily to use it just as a desk decoration but the Smash integration and customization is still the ‘system sell’ of these collectibles.

Smash my be the reason for the Amiibo’s creation, but I hope that this is the kickoff the renaissance of some of some of the other great Nintendo Intellectual Properties. Nintendo has announced that there will be an Amiibo for all the Smash characters, from Rosalina to Mega Man and Duck Hunt and more importantly Nintendo has also started making plans to integrate these Amiibos into other Nintendo games, beyond Smash.

As of right now we just have Mario Kart 8, Zelda Hyrule Warriors, and Smash as the three Wii U games that utilize the RFID feature. But these Amiibo’s still have a lot of potential for their future confirmed products, with the Open World main Zelda title, next proper Star Fox game, and the Wii U Kirby game.



Now With the commitment Nintendo has placed in creating, shipping and selling these Amiibo figures I hope this hints at a long term plan from Nintendo to bring back more of their other, non-confirmed, I.P like Metroid, F-Zero, Kid Icarus the Fire Emblem crew to the Wii U for their own games.

But more importantly I wish to see all future Amiibo supported games give full support to all 40+ characters,because while we all know that Mario, Link, and Kirby Amiibos will be used on all of the future Nintendo games, I want confirmation that in the future, if I ever buy the less popular Nintendo Amiibos characters, that I will be able to use them just as much as the Mario and Link amiibos and get just as much in-game value from it.

I understand that the third party characters (Mega Man and Pac-Man) might have some legal hassle for using their image in other Nintendo games, but that's no excuse for Nintendo's other First party characters 

I understand that the third party characters (Mega Man and Pac-Man) might have some legal hassle for using their image in other Nintendo games, but that’s no excuse for Nintendo’s other First party characters

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