#472 Where are you Steam Sales?

As predicted, the yearly Steam Winter sales has hit the servers and as the norm most of the PC games in Valve’s store catalog went on sale at incredible prices.

I am a tad sad that not ALL of the games on my list are discounted

I am a tad sad that not ALL of the games on my list are discounted

As of writing, we are four days into the two week extravaganza and not to sound disingenuous because I appreciate what GabeN and the rest of the Steam Team has done to get all these game developers to discount these games a such steep prices all at the same time. But I feel like, for me, the magic from the sales are gone, the anticipation I felt when I refresh the store page at exactly 1pm is no longer there.

I do not know why, I have bought a few games titles this past week but something is missing, I am not going as crazy with the sales as I previously remembered . I am trying to remember the past sales with non-rose colored glasses, but I do remember that I had felt some suspense with each new day.

I might be feeling this way because I have already gone through this song and dance a few times before. For example I already bought most of the games featured in the Featured Deals as I looked through the Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and community voted sales the “In library” tag attached to most of list

And the few other games that I want to buy have "early access" tags on them,and I have a personal policy against buys games that are not completed yet.

And the few other games that I want to buy have “early access” tags on them,and I have a personal policy against buys games that are not completed yet.

I already have all the “Staple Steam” games, I have Portal 1 and 2, The Half Life series, Super Meat Boy, all the other must haves and all the best games of my favorite genera currently tied to my Steam account, so I see them again on sale this time around I just view that game as a blank space. It is the inevitable result of going through and buying all the games that looked interesting to me the last time around and currently there are recent AAA games that I have interested in buying now, Aliens Isolation and Skyrim might look like a nice stocking stuffers for some gamers but I only gave them a passing glance because I know I would not enjoy playing them.

I have a creeping suspicion that the slightly lackluster emotions I have for this year’s Winter Sales is because I have experience so many of these steam sales that I started this Winter Sales event as a veteran, with experienced gamer eyes (Be MOP #436). It is probability the same reason why Christmas as an adult is not as exciting compared to the Christmases you experienced as a child.

I want to know if I am alone in this way of thinking, are there other games out there that feel the same way about this year’s of steam sales. If so leave a comment down below and with your comment please include how long you have been in Steam and how many Steam Sales you have went through.

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  2. When I wrote my comment, I kind of went overboard but I did reblog your post on my blog.

    Here’s my response: http://nawkcire.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/re-472-where-are-you-steam-sales/

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