#470 Dusting off my Steam Wishlist for the Harsh Winter Sales

A little birdy told the internet that the 2014 Steam Winter Sales will be starting this Thursday, and that means that soon all the good little boys and girls around the world will open their Steam clients at 1pm EST to find all of their favorite games on sale at ridiculous prices for the next few weeks. With that I need to brush off my steam wishlist to start my pre-steam sale celebration.

For a while now I have been using my wishlist as a quick cheat sheet of the interested games use it to easily check if the game is on a daily or flash sale. Since I first heard the news that the Great Winter Sales would be upon us soon, I have went through the Steam Catalog and started added games that will hopefully go on sales during this year’s winter sales.

This chart: know it. love it

This chart: know it. love it

I still have Fallout 3 on the wishlist and Deadrising 2 from my missed opportunity from the last -few- seasonal sales, along with a few Indie platformers like, Electronic Super Joy and Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Recently I have added OVERKILL’s PAYDAY 2,and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People from TellTale. Strong Bad’s game is on my wishlist because I have been wanting to stroll down pre-YouTube internet memory lane for quite a while now and HomeStar Runner’s cast of character will hhopefullybe the means to scratching that itch

I have also added METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE and The Legend of Korra to my wishlist because after playing through both Bayonetta games I have officially hopped on the Platinum * Games hype train. Even though I am not never played any Metal Gear game or watched the Avatar cartoon series beyond Book One I have complete faith in Platinum’s ability to draw me into the game and ramp up the excitement with each passing Boss fight.

Between those P* games and Wonderful 101, a game that will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree for me, I will be all set with action-fighting games for a while. 

Between those P* games and Wonderful 101, a game that will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree for me, I will be all set with action-fighting games for a long while.

Between that I have also been using the new Steam Curator feature for suggestions and added the indie games like 1001 Spikes and Divekick, two games I have seen given much praise from the Curators, various Youtube stars and news outlets.

But I am also curious on what games you are waiting to waiting guy to buy from the Steam Winter Sale, leave a comment down below on the titles you hope to pick up and play during this Winter Season. I am interested in seeing what you all are waiting to buy.

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