#469 The B.M.O.C Christmas Story

I have noticed that the past month or two I have been more or less writing almost exclusively about Nintendo and their products. You guys can all blame it on the fact that one game company started bringing out amazing games since the middle of October with Mario Kart 8’s DLC and ending up with the suprube Super Smash Bros.

But because of my little Nintendo kick it has resulted in me neglecting the rest of the videogame world, from PC game news to the other consoles, and basically everything else. Well that ends today.

It is the middle of December, I am full of Christmas spirit, and I want to tell you guys one of my favorite Team Fortress 2 seasonal story that I have been meaning to share for a while.


Oh yes, this hat.

Oh yes, this hat.


Flash back to 2011, my steam account was about nine months old, TF2 was experiencing its third month after going free to play, and this very blog just celebrated it’s first month or two going live. Between all of that, Steam’s now-famous winter sales had just started and my younger brother was freaking out.

Back then my brother was a TF2 hard core hat trader, collecting and trading up those cosmetic items was his bread and butter for his main source of games and I believe it was his first time experiencing the joy of the fabled winter steam sales. In contrast was not fully-in to the idea of steam service that the time, blame it on my being young and naive, having only a few game bought through the service, I was instead to focus on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and blogging about those adventures.

Out of all the goodies that Steam offered during the 2011 Winter Sales, one thing that caught my brother’s stock broker eye was the quite rare TF2 Santa Hat called, B.M.O.C. A Santa hat that you could only obtain by crafting away seven pieces of digital coal you received throughout the weeks of sale, for either the hat or coupons for other games from their Great Gift Pile.


During the 2011 Winter Steam Sales my brother was glued to his computer trying to maximize his coal collecting for everyday, crafting the seven packs every chance he got. While on the other hand tried collecting it a few times, voluntary crafting it once, received a coupon for a game, and decided I was done with the promotion.

As the promotional sales ended, my brother was getting desperate to get that elusive Santa hat getting to the point where he was harassing me to download TF2, a game I had no interest at the time, and complete the easiest objectives to complete the seven coal pack to craft away for one more chance to get one hat. It must have been a Christmas miracle, because that second batch of crafted coal rewarded me the extremely rare, B.M.O.C hat. It goes without saying that my brother was ecstatic, he was finally so close to capturing that digital White Whale.

Once we realized what I had, I did what any big brother would do in that situation, I refused to trade it to him, constantly holding the one thing he could not get over his head. My younger brother kept pestering me for a trade over the years until he got a proper job and dropped his aggressive hat trading hobby.

To this day I still have the Holiday hat in my inventory, refusing to trade it to anyone, not to online traders or my own family members, because in the marketplace the is the rule it is the seller that places a value of an object, and after the story I told you guys and the adventures I had to get this one TF2 hat, it had made the the B.M.O.C priceless to me. Because of that I have sworn to never trade it away, not to my brother who wanted it back then nor to my other younger brother who has just now picked up the Steam trading hobby for his source of games and entertainment.

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