#467 Proper ORAS Impressions

I finished my copy of ORAS early on Friday Morning, at around 3:30 am, since then I spent this week exploring the post game with all that, I believe I have enough to give, not a review but an more proper impression of the game. This post might be a month or two late for the internet, but this is my blog and I want to talk about it now.

All the images from this post is from other websites because the 3DS still wont let me take screenshots of in game activities

All the images from this post is from other websites because the 3DS still wont let me take screenshots of in game activities

In the base game, it is the same ten year old story about a 10 year old leaving his/her home to tackle the world of eight gym leaders and the four members of the elite four to claim the title of Pokemon Champion, a staple plot for all the Pokemon world. As everyone else has proclaimed the game has a beautiful graphical upgrade, from the XY engine being used on the assets of the GBA world, with improved cities and gyms layouts to the 3D character models and battles.

Almost everything is the same, except for some reason in the remake Game freak decided to cut the Volcanic ash trials from Route 113, the animation for the Ninja trainers to jump out of their hiding spots, and the HM Waterfall animation as well.

Its a little gripe, but it was a cool feature. picture from Bulbapedia

Its a little gripe, but it was a cool feature in the original.
picture from Bulbapedia

Out of everything in the remake I did appreciate the rebalancing of the first few batch of low level wild Pokemons you meet at the start of your adventure, but only if you seek up on a Pokemon. For example there is required event where you sneak up on a wild Pokemon and if you catch it you are rewarded with a low level Poochyena with Thunder Fang. That Poochyena helped me through the beginning game, and it stayed on his move sets all the way up to the E4.

As I was playing through the story campaign I noticed the weird contrast of the new generation hand-holding with the old school game design.  With one hand ORAS offers you the revised exp share item, colored text and camera pans and the option for fast travel to get you where to go next to advance the plot but in the other hand ORAS gives you the caves and dungeons in the original setting, which requires you to leave a space in your team for a HM slave to get past the bolder puzzles or to cross a river, something Gamefreak moved away from since the Black and White games.

My only other complaint is with the game’s pacing. With the original game I did not notice this problem but with the graphical update and the addition of cut scenes, I did get the feeling that the game reached it’s best moment before the story ended. In the game you, personally, get to witness the birth of an ancient monster, see it run rampant, race it towards civilization and down the halls of origins. You go toe to toe with this beast, defeating it thus saving the world.

Then after all of that you are asked to take down one more gym leader and prove your worth, again, at the Elite Four. I saved the world, the game should let me get that Pokemon Champion title just for that, it does not help that you are given the Eon flute after the Groudon/Kyogre fight that will literally take you anywhere else in the world than the 8th gym leader’s city.

It feels like being pulled down to a regular adventure after being the ultimate hero

It feels like being pulled down to a regular adventure after being the ultimate hero. Pic from Bulbapedia

But one of my favorite thing about the original RSE games is the added things besides the basic story line, the Beauty Contests, the Trick Base on Route 110, side quests, and the end game Battle island this game follows through in spades, with all of the above and the addition of hunting for megastones, searching for the old generation legendaries with the Soar feature, the now traditional Looker mini quest and the highly advertised Emerald Delta episode.

As a side note, It is nice to see the Secret Bases went to their next logical conclusion with the addition of the Streetpass feature to share your base and team with anyone near by and a QR code to share with anyone around the world, and as soon as I finish decorating my base I’ll share my QR code with everyone here and on Twitter.

All I can say now is, “Sinnoh Remake When?”

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  1. Haven’t played a Pokemon title in years; very intrigued by the new game. Nice piece.

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