#462 Thank Goodness for Handhelds

If you live in or near my home state of New Hampshire, you might be aware of the pretty nasty snow storm that decided to pay us all a visit this Thanksgiving, with a Blackout that decided to stop by as well, during the worst of the storm’s stay. My family lost our power around 7 pm after dinner, during the time we were settling into our nighttime routines, then flick, the power died leaving us with no Wifi, no TV or Wii U,  no lights, no heat and no power for our chargers. The only electronic thing we had were our own charged devices.

While the candles were lit around the house, news came in that both neighboring cities were included in the Blackout and there was no ETA on when power would be returned for our district. Like at a drop of a hat everyone in my pitch black house started playing their own version of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’, making sure to use the remaining power on their Laptops, phones, and MP3 players for only the essentials, and doing sparingly enough to try to last throughout the blackout.

At the time of writing the power in our house has been out for 24+ hours, still with no ETA on repair, and I wrote the rough draft of this post at night by candlelight, and right now I am typing this up and publishing it at my local Library.

During these dark and very cold times I have come to appreciate everything little thing about my 3DS. The fact that all physical copies are DRM free in the regard that the cartridge does not take count on how many devices have played this game or that it is tied to a certain Mii-verse user So i can easily hand off my finished 3DS games to my younger brother to provide some ‘new games for him’. Continuing that thought, it is great that even Nintendo’s most popular games do not force you to follow an Always online requirement which is wonderful thing to not worry about when you have no WiFi or any other way practical way to connect to one of their servers.

"Take this game for instance, the online features are nice, and does improve the game, but it’s not needed to get the full experience of the game and it’s not the major selling point for the game."

“Take this game for instance, the online features are nice, and does improve the game, but it’s not needed to get the full experience of the game and it’s not the major selling point for the game.”

Speaking especially about Nintendo products, the battery life span in the 3DS, and in most of their handhelds is nothing short of amazing, resulting in me powering through my adventures in Hoenn under a pile of warm blankets long after all of my siblings phones and iPod’s battery cells dried up

Now long time readers might figure out that this is almost point for point the same as my previous praising of my mostly Pokemon device back in Be MOP #339, and that is because it is. But sometimes it takes the worst, most inopportune gaming times to make you appreciate all the little things, like the features on the 3DS or spending quality time with your snowed in family for the holidays by just quietly reading books together next to a dining table filled with lit candles.

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