#461 ORAS First Impressions

The event is over, Nintendo Domination month is finally over. As I said in halfway through October. this is when all of the major Nintendo games coming out within the period of one month. It started with a bang with the Wii U launch of Bayonetta 1 & 2, following up with Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack next week and ending up with the great releases of Super Smash bros and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

I am still saving my comments on Bayonetta until the end of the month, since those games are on my backlog list right now and I am going to be talking about Smash when I have more time with the game, and unlocking at least all the characters and most of the stages. For now I want to do a first impressions of the Omega Ruby game that is currently sitting in my 3DS. As I talked about earlier on my Monday Twitch Stream, the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald was at the edge of my nostalgia, after this game my interest with the main Pokemon dropped until Pokemon Black/White helped rekindle my interest before Pokemon X/Y got me back full on board with the Pokemon franchise.

I am only the fourth gym leader but I can already see the polish the Pokemon series had between the original game and Generation 4-6, plus the added polish in the gameplay post X/Y, with the inclusion of Fairy type and some baby pokemon that were not created with the Gameboy Advance edition.

What is interesting in ORAS, this is the first remade Pokemon to upgrade the town and cities to better reflex what it could or should have been. While FireRed and Soul Silver had a graphical facelift with the towns and Pokemon designs but kept the town’s blueprints the same as the original. In the Omega Ruby Gamefreak used new technological advancements to their advantage to redesign some of the cities from the ground up, like for example the Mauville City was upgraded from a seven building city to a more proper city with a food court, a plaza and a second floor.

But one of the major advertising draws towards this game was the shiny new Mega and Primal evolutions that are exclusive to this edition of the game and it will be interesting in following the forums for the next few weeks and months to witness the change in the meta and competitive play from the X/Y meta to the ORAS meta builds.

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