#454 Stats from my 99 days of Streaming

Last Friday I celebrated the milestone of my 100th stream session of mostly playing Turbine’s game, Infinite Crisis. It seems like it was only yesterday I was writing a blog post about my new project to jump into the world of streaming videogames (Be MOP #370).  As I mentioned at the start of every stream I kept track of most of my streaming data with viewer hits and Win:Loss ratio. I  promised that after I hit the big triple digit I was going to graph all the data I gathered from the very beginning and publish the graphs for all of you guys.

But Yesterday as I spent most last night data entering and charting, and noticed that some of the dates were not matching up correctly…

jumped from day 86 to day 89, whoops

It looks like I jumped from day 86 to day 89, whoops

Which means that my 100th and 101st stream sessions over the weekend they were actually the 98th and 99th. After about seven months of streaming I (soon to) hit the triple digits, without further ado, here are the charts I made from the data I have collected over the course of about seven months:

Twitch 99 days

This chart marks the growth of my Twitch views hits since I started and with the various bumps in popularity. The two lines are important dates I want to bring up. The red line marks the day I was accepted into Infinite Crisis’s Twitch Partnership program and the Blue line was the day when I was invited by Infinite Crisis’s main Twitch channel as a constant Community Streamer. Not marked was on the 95th day was the day I performed a 24 hour stream session for Extra Life.

Just to be clear these are hundred streaming sessions, unlike my Blogging schedule I have deviated from my schedule and even going so far as cancelling a few sessions because of real life obstacles, most noticeable I cancelled one Saturday night Twitch session because I just bought a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 and I wanted to play that game more than anything else.

The next graph is the scatter plot of the Win/Loss ratio from my various matches I broadcast while playing Infinite Crisis.

Twitch 99 win lost

I have made it crystal clear at the start of my Twitch journey that I am not a professional, competitive, A.R.T.S/MOBA game which shows that. Looking back I am glad I am hovering above the average of 1 game win per night, although if you looks at the Trendline you can see I actually gotten slightly worse with my recent matches.

Looking back on those 99 days Well for one thing I am far more confident in my ability in Public Speaking, and spending most of your weeknights monologuing to your computer, hoping for someone to swing by to start a conversation with you. I am also more aware of how to talk to someone on air when they can only communicate with you via text in a chatroom very similar to how Radio DJ’s talk to their audience. From the video side of broadcasting I now know a little bit more of framing yourself in front of a camera to make sure you and the important things you want shown are always within the camera’s view.


To give advice to anyone who is interested or on the fence of joining Twitch, start now and set low expectations. The sooner you start putting yourself out there on livestreams the sooner you can start progressing and start getting better. With low exceptions you will always be grateful for whatever improvements you make in popularity and in connections you make with other people. Also make sure to thank your viewers as well, these people are spending their free time to watch you play video games when there are quite literally an infinite amount of other things they could be doing with their time online but they decided to spend their time with you, you need to thank them for that choice every chance you get.

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