#451 Games from my Backlog for the month of November 2014

Hello, good day everyone it’s the first post of November and that means another Games from my Backlog update. Last month I more or less took a break from this project with the the idea to just play, “Various Halloween themed games”. My plan was to play these games on my Wednesday Twitch streaming session but I had to change my normal schedule halfway through the month of October.

During that month I did play a handful of supernatural games on Twitch, like replaying They Bleed Pixels, a returning title that I have not played since last year (Be MOP #284), I also played some of Paranautical Activity, an early access game that was pulled from Steam just a few days after I was streaming it. As a surprise to no one I have also been playing through the first Bayonetta game.

 It's Halloween related because of witches right......witches that just happens to use guns than casting magic spells.

It’s Halloween related because of witches right……witches that just happens to use guns than casting magic spells.

This month I want to to get back on track with focusing on a few select games rather than a genera. For the month of November I was to focus getting through Bayonetta 1, a game I have already been playing through every non-streaming day with the hopes to complete it so I can start playing through the sequel before December comes around.

The other game I have been itching to play is the soon to be released, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I know I need to play through it 100% anyway, it is best to dedicate a month of game play to it now so the temptation to play it does not eat into any other games.

Lets hope there's more lore and more endgame levels.

I hope there’s more lore and more endgame levels in this remake.

I know it is cheating choosing Bayonetta and The Binding of Isaac for my pick from the Backlog, since they are fresh of the release shelves but now they are in my library and to an extent my backlog, so it is almost justified. Who knows I might be doing the same thing for Pokemon ORAS.

**Monthly announcements**

Just like last month I have some announcements that I want you all to be aware of but they are not big enough to dedicate a full blog post to what I need to talk about.

First announcement, As I mentioned before I am changing my Twitch streaming schedule. At the start of the month I received an email from Turbine asking me, that since I was already apart of their Streamer Partnership Program (you can read more about it and what it means here: Be MOP #419), if I wanted to stream on Infinite Crisis’s main Twitch channel every Thursday morning.

I gladly accepted but because of that I am forcing myself to drop my late night streaming session on Wednesdays so I can get a full night sleep, and more importantly I do not sleep through my morning streaming time. And because of a change in my work schedule, I am bumping my Saturday starting time back an half hour from 11 pm to 11:30 pm and as a result I am pushing back the end time to 2:30 pm, so it becomes just like my Monday and Friday stream times.

The second thing I wanted to mention that this Tuesday the United States is having their Midterm elections and I encourage all registered voters who are reading this to go out and vote. I do not care which political party you side with or what politician you are planning to vote for, the important thing is to go out, get educated on your local and state issues and stances of your Representatives and cast your vote this Tuesday.To everyone else out there, vote now and vote often because frequent voting builds a better character and builds a better nation.

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