#450 My Growing Concerns with Nintendo’s DLC

Lately I have been watching and rewatching the recent Nintendo Direct Super Smash Bros. 50-Fact Extravaganza reliving the bombshells and more general hype excitement facts about the new standard features of the game and why it is the next best installment to the series.

The only thing I could once they got to "Fact 11: Ridley" was to laugh

The only thing I could once they got to “Fact 11: Ridley” was to laugh

Out of all of the 50+ facts two announcements caught me off guard: the announcement of a physical copy of the 2 CD -pack of some of the music tracks from both 3DS and Wii U games and the my favorite melee fighter, Mewtwo, will be returning as DLC. Both of which will be free to everyone people who buys and register both copies of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U the 3DS.

This announcement does answer mine and everyone else’s question about Super Smash Bros. DLC and how Nintendo will handle the potential cannibalism of Smash sales when the company decided to make Smash cross-platform.
That business move is a success because I was not planning on buying the 3DS version of Smash until now, but the question I have hovering over my head is, is the move for locking rewards behind a the people who have bought both copies as an act of evil?

Currently it is an incredible value to be had if you buy both games, as of right now you get a free Mewtwo character, two CDs of music, the ability to transfer your data from one copy of the game to another, and with the game cartridge in your 3DS you can use your handheld as an extra controller for the Wii U. But something still feels off, if you were cynical you could easily call it holding off content for those who bought the deluxe edition of the game.

This gaming generation has marked a big chapter in Nintendo’s life, with the introduction of the 3DS and Wii U we have seen the introduction of free game demos, the growth of indie games on their platform, a big push for digital distribution and the birth of their own gaming forum, the Mii-verse which I am incredibly thankful for.

even if I do not post anything on Mii-verse I do find some entertainment scrolling through the one line posts and very creative drawings

even if I do not post anything on Mii-verse I do find some entertainment scrolling through the one line posts and very creative drawings

With all those beneficial features we also have seen the admittance of DLC on behalf of Nintendo with later content being added in New Super Mario Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Mystery dungeon, and now Smash. If they did not already stress that Mewtwo is still in development I would be joining everyone else in saying that this is content hiding behind a paywall, it still might be the case depending on how necessary Mewtwo will be to online and competitive world.

With Mario Kart 8 we even seen in game advertisements DLC along with the option to place a preorder on both DLC packs and receive cosmetic bonuses for Yoshi and Shyguy.

I just do not know how feel about this, for right now I am going to say the same thing about Nintendo when I last talked about their dabble with DLC:

DLC is a very fickle and corruptible force. DLC can be used for good, adding new levels and characters that would not be able to be made before the developer deadline, but it can also be a power for the selfish purposes for the sake of the company’s bottom line rather than for the consumer, like hacking off content from a full price game or filling the DLC shop page full of superfluous content or skins. It is not that I do not trust Nintendo or worst, rooting for them to fail, but making DLC in this age requires a lot of self control on behalf of the company.

To all of the people online that would say not the worry about DLC because it is Nintendo, remember that we once thought that George Lucas could do no wrong with his movies. (Be MOP #423)

Right now, for New Super Mario Wii U, Mario Kart, and even Smash, the value of the DLC is a net positive towards the side of the players, but Nintendo is walking a very thin line and if they mess up with future DLC pack they could lose a potential DLC customer for life.

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