#446 Filler Post: Insurrection

I think there is an old blogging curse placed on me, that every ten to twelve blog posts my creative writing well runs dry and I have to resort to falling back on my current series of filler posts to fill the void until I find my video game blogging muse again. If I were to blame this blogging drought on anything I would claim that it was a combination of a lack of variety of what games I have been playing recently (Ie. nothing besides Nintendo games) and staying up extra late last night watching the first two episodes of American Horror Story.

star trek 9
The More pressing issue is that I need to start thinking of another Be MOP filler post series, because current predictions suggests that I will run out of Star Trek movie titles by early 2015. After this I think I need to do a small history lesson about my previous filler posts and how I was able to still pump out content to fulfill my self-enforced Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule even when I did not have the writing inspiration to do so.

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2 responses to “#446 Filler Post: Insurrection

  1. My creative writing sometimes gets distracted by other things going on – i.e; World of Warcraft gameplay for one. Hang in there, I’m sure that your muse will show up soon *hugs*

    • Yeah, sometimes the best thing to do (like Im doing this week) is stalling until the weekend and spend my two free days catching up on videogame videos, playing games I have not played in a while, complete my gaming to do list, and try to catch up in the news.

      Its already working

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