#445 The Bittersweet Birthday Gift

As I mentioned about three weeks ago, the beginning of the month was also my birthday, and today I want to talk about a gifts one of my brother gave me. As I mentioned before at the start of the month I was gifted a pre-order ticket of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, one of my most anticipated sequel/remake of one of my favorite and most played Steam game on Steam.

steam boi re

It is not just me who loves the game,The Binding of Isaac is full of family fun, because I, and two of my brothers religiously play the game. Because of that my brothers and I have had many conversations about our own personal adventures through the game with the odd combination of items the RNG loot room gave us and getting hyped about what could possibly be added to the next installment.
Bless my brother’s heart, he knew I was going to get The Binding of Isaac the moment the game went live, and I know what he did was with good intention, but no good deed goes unpunished. because in giving me one of the games I have on my wish list he has ended up preordered a game.

I wrote about my policy with pre-ordering games here in Be MOP #272, but just as a one paragraph recap:
Preorders are one of the few things I do not like with the videogame world, I have wrote before but I see no reason to preorder a game anymore, because if it is a major game it has enough marketing and research behind it to ensure that every major videogame outlet has more than enough physical copies of the game at launch. The idea of pre-ordering something through a digital service, like Steam XBL/PSN, and the such is even more pointless because those services have an unlimited amount of resources to hand out the day of launch and for all the days after that. Now Pre Ordering has changed from making sure that the consumer has the desired limited supply product to a tool for the gaming companies to add the most amount of profit of a game before it is even released, which all adds to the mess of things within the AAA gaming economy.

I swear this is world's best technique for persuade steam users to preorder any game

I swear this is world’s best technique for persuade steam users to preorder any game

Because of my policy, and seeing how bad preording can get with some game companies, I have sworn off of pre ordering any games from any gaming device, no matter how much I like the game or how excited I am for it’s release. The kicker is my brother knows of stance because I have spent multiple times ranting and debating him about the issue of preorders, using the Binding of Isaac, a game that I am currently has a countdown timer on my phone, as example on how determined I am to stick to my principles about not preordering a game.

So imagine the bittersweet moment I felt when I received the notification when my brother, the same brother that I have had extensive conversations with about policies and politics in videogames, went ahead and made a preorder purchase of my favorite game for me, thus encouraging the growth and the practice of preordering in the industry. I still love him and I still can not get too mad, because of him I am now qualified to unlock the special Binding of Isaac hat in Team Fortress 2

Hey I said I was against preorder bonuses for TF2, I did not say I wanted them

Hey I said I was against preorder and preordering bonuses, I did not say I did not want them

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