#443 The WoD Pre-launch Patch

From the sudden explosion of hub bub on my Twitter and WordPress feeds I have reached the conclusion that Blizzard has just released their Warlords of Draenorpre-expansion patch on the live servers.

I have not talked about Warcraft in a while, and certain not as much as I used to, since I have cancelled my subscription little more than a year ago. To celebrate this patch going live I decided to revisit some of my favorite WoW news sites, sit down, and read through the most recent patch notes to see what has changed. After reading them all I understand almost none of it. So much stuff has changed since I left, and so much of this patch has changed that changed content that it feels like going back to my old High school, I know the basic layout, but so tiny subtle things has changed, and all the people I knew moved on that it is completely different place compared to when I used to attend. I do understand that the ancient WoW player character models did get a revamp and the fire Mages did receive a buff to their spells so Patch 6.0.2 have earned my approval.

I just wish I could see my main Mage's new face but I left the option to see the helm on. Kinda kicking myself in hindsight

I just wish I could see my main Mage’s new face but I left the option to see the helm on. Kinda kicking myself in hindsight.

I did read up on the Blizzard’s traditional pre-expansion event to entertain and excite the players between now and actual expansion drops. After skimming through the videos and I will say that Blizzard has learned from their butchered Mists of Pandaria pre-expansion content with an actual in-game event with quests, story, and a special dungeon that actually takes place in the virtual world and does not exclusively resides in one little scenario queue. (Be MOP #110)

A professional blogging tip: Never write when you are angry.  Another professional blogging tip: You don't always need to adhere to the last blogging tip

Professional blogging tip: Never write when you are angry.
Another professional blogging tip: You don’t always need to adhere to the last blogging tip

I also read that Blizzard has rolled the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack into it’s basic game which is, i believe, the quickest Blizzard has ever rolled their past expansion into the main game. Which is really big of them, nothing more to say there but hats off to Blizzard for that move.

I would also use this time to give my thoughts about the next expansion on a whole but because I have been out of the WoW news loop for months I have no idea where to start. Should I talk about the main plot, the player stat change, the change in Blizzard’s game direction? I just do not know. Although I will say that while I was reading through the patch notes now there was a part of me that was making a mental note of all the World of Warcraft/Be MOP posts I could write between the now and when the actual expansion goes live. I did not keep an official count, but I know that was so potential blogging content there that was there could have lasted me months.

As I mentioned in my most recent World of Warcraft post, Be MOP #375, there is nothing in this expansion or in the next one that will ever bring me to Azeroth from a combination of a lack of a social network or guild to go back to and I have moved on from World of Warcraft to greater things in life. But I will always remember the adventures, the fun, and the gaming, writing, and communication skills I picked up along the way with Blizzard and WoW.

"Who can say if I have been changed for the better...."

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better….”

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2 responses to “#443 The WoD Pre-launch Patch

  1. Never come back to wow hey? What if I told you that Emma Watson was in my guild and that I could introduce you?

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