#442 Building up Hype for Bayonetta 2

It was another weekend and another weekend has come and gone and with that I spent my free time playing Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 online play, and more of Pokemon White. But one new game I was playing the Demo of the Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2. consider it warming up my Wii U for some amazing titles come this holiday season.

I have played through the demo of the game twice, and even though it is just the prologue but it is full of constant, no context, combat. Right out the gate the game asks me to fight off waves of angelic mechas and monsters on a jet plane which speeding through a main square of a city. After you think it’s done, the demo leads you to the giant King Kong style boss fight where you fly around fighting a giant monster as it climbs up a skyscraper.

The game makes the promise of continuing that level of intensity throughout the entire game and after playing through the demo twice I realized that the kicker of the demo is that the entire sequence is only the prologue of the main game, meaning I played a part of the game that is not even in the main game and combat.

I am literally counting down the days

I am literally counting down the days

The game demo is not the only reason I am excited for this game, because if you have been paying attention I have been casually mentioning this game, Pokemon ORAS, and Super Smash Bros as a few games on a very short list of games I am eagerly waiting to be released for this upcoming holiday season.

One of the reasons why I want this game is that since I played the Deadpool game I have been waiting for another fun near mindless beat em up game that was also entertaining to play through, while I only scored bronze medals and a few silvers one the different stages in the demo there is the option for me to improve my combo mashing skills while not impeding my advancement through the game. Bayonetta 2 is also an excuse to boot up my Wii U for another game, my poor console has been sitting in my room, waiting for a new game to play, since my initial games I bought with the device from a few months ago.

But the biggest reasons I can not wait for, well lack of a better words, the fan service that Platinum Games has added to Bayonetta 2. While I have been trying hard to avoid any spoilers to the main plot I been going actively looking for all the Nintendo inspired Easter eggs added to this game. The most noticeable is the special unlockable Bayonetta costumes inspired by some of Nintendo’s characters, that offers different play styles or by using the classic sound files from Zelda and Mario games.

Metroid for the Wii U confirmed?

Metroid for the Wii U confirmed?

As I said in Be MOP #392 I love it when the game developers adds those little things like this into their game because it shows that they are confident or the game is polished enough to allow the creation, design, programming, and implication of these nonessential bit ans trivial content and nods to the player into the game

Also I won’t be so above it all to say I really want to play through Bayonetta 2 because it is a Wii U exclusive. Because of Nintendo’s decision to fund Platinum Games for a sequel, this experience  denying it to all other gamers. It is childish but I call it the annoying brother syndrome, wanting something because you know others can’t get it.

This is a first time I get to play a third party exclusive mature console specific game with no hopes of a cross platform port. This is a new feeling for me.

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