#441 The Big Mouse arriving on Steam

Lets break up this Be MOP trend with a bit of Steam news. News broke this week we heard news that Disney allowed some of their collection of Disney PC games to sold on the Steam Market Place. The first batch of games contains such titles as Split/Second, Disney Universe, Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure, and most noticeably, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.


This is a bit of big news, at least for me, because after looking at Disney’s business plan I have always got the impression that Disney is not one to co-op into a business deal. With their near-infinite money Disney have the option to buy any major company whenever they want to go into a new market. When Disney wanted to get into television and pop music they created several of their own TV channels and pop stars. When Disney wanted the Science Fiction demographic, they went out bought the entire Star Wars franchise, when they wanted their own comic book fans they went out and bought all of Marvel Comics. Disney even brought the YouTube channel, Polaris, when they realized YouTube community content was not only a fad, but here to stay.

With all that being said imagine how important Steam is to the gaming and out of gaming world when Disney decides do not compete with Steam with their own PC gaming service and go with the flow and opt in to have their games and a part of their merchandise be handled and sold by a third party company.

worst possible headlines could see, "Disney plans to buy Valve and Steam".

worst possible headlines could have seen, “Disney plans to buy Valve and Steam”.

Besides Disney Epic Mickey 2, I have no interest in any of the other Disney games that went on sale this week which seems to miss the mark on Steam’s targeted demographic, but I do have interest in what is means for future Disney games appearing in the Steam catalog.

The important thing to take away from this new business deal is we could be seeing more PC ports of old console specif Star Wars and Marvel games while potentially securing all future Star Wars and Marvel/Avengers to arrive on steam on the same day Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U gets their copy of the game.

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