#440 This November is Nintendo’s Month

My intention was not to make two 3DS focused blog posts in a row but when I got home and that little blue light on my 3DS has informed me that there was a system update available for my beloved handheld and after checking the latest gaming headlines, I knew this blog post needed to about Nintendo.

With this update came the option to replace your current wallpaper background with downloadable cosmetic skins to apply to personalize your 3DS menu. There are a few free basic color; Red, Blue Pink, Black and the default theme but there is also Theme Shop with paid cosmetic skins of handful of Mario and friends and one Zelda theme with the heavy suggestion of Nintendo added more Mario/Zelda/Pokemon and other Nintendo IP themed themes later, presumably with the launch of the New 3DS device. I was going to write about how Nintendo is joining everyone else with cosmetic microtransactions but it looks like it is the way of everyone is going now.

But something else was added with the latest 3DS that made my day, the fabled screenshot function! Something I have been lobbying for since earlier this year (Be MOP #325)  Sure it is currently only capable to take screenshots of your menu/display page but is it baby steps towards the ability to take screenshots in every future games anywhere and not just a certain photo booth spots.


Bask in it's glory of the 3DS dual screen screenshot. Also, QUICK post your 3DS home page and rate each other's gaming library.

Bask in it’s glory of the 3DS dual screen screenshot. Also, QUICK post your 3DS home page and rate each other’s gaming library.

Another bit of Nintendo news is that Nintendo have officially announced the North American release date of  the Wii U version of Super Smash Brawl will be November 21st, which is the same day when the Pokemon Gen 3DS remake, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, hit the store shelves in the States. How are we going to handle this, players everywhere will be forced to find away to juggle weekend play between the new highly anticipated game on their Wii U and the other equally highly anticipated game my 3DS during the same weekend? To top it off in less than a week after those two bombshells hits us we also get the first installment of the two Mario Kart 8 DLC packs.

I am going to buy these games and content moment they release. 

Of course I am going to buy these games and content moment they release.

 Gabe did not prepared me for this, years and years of Steam Sales have not made ready for a week long purchasing blitz of AAA games that are priced at FULL PRICE. Wallet protect me.

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