#438 The Ghosts of Dead Be MOP Posts

October is just starting but I am already hitting the ground running with Halloween themed exercises and activities. Wednesday I played They Bleed Pixels on my Twitch stream and only after two hours and the first four levels I was starting to relate to mind breaking experiences that characters in Lovecraft’s short stories went through when interacting with the Old Ones.

it was terrible, towards the end I did not even Rage-quit I just broke down on a live stream.

it was terrible, towards the end I did not even Rage-quit I just broke down on a live stream.

To keep the Spooky Halloween theme going on this site and in my life I have gone through my old Be MOP writing notebooks and gathered together a list of some of my scrapped Be MOP post topics that I decide to never write or it was incredibly topical and by the time I found time to write about it the conversation was already over.

Ooohhh it's spooky because they're dead topics and it's the month of Halloween! Get it?

Ooohhh it’s spooky because they’re dead topics and it’s the month of Halloween! Get it?

A bit of fair warning I am going through the lists of various “Potential Be MOP Posts” lists I have written over the years, many of these ideas have been forgotten by current me so even I do know what I was planning to do with these ideas.
So in no particular order:

  • Scary times ahead (Post-college life)
  • Movie time with Indie Game Movie and Mists of Pandaria CE DVD
  • More Battle Pet teams
  • Are the Raid Patches moving too quickly? (Patch 5.3) –I find this one particularly funny looking back on the content gap between today and the last Raid patch.
  • The (World of Warcraft) Raids that could have been
  • Can we have a proper Superman game?

—-Be MOP posts after I unsubscribed and blog about World of Warcraft and turned Be MOP into a general gaming blog—-

  • Political games (2nd worst game I have ever played) This was supposed to eventually follow after my big rant about the Power Ranger Shovel Ware game that I wrote about HERE
  • Swearing in videogames
  • The line of difficulty (SMB+BOI to WoW)
  • PAX East and the sense of belonging
  • Early Access games
  • Steam Box Update (Did/Could it fail?)
  • Amazing Spider-man 2 skins
  • EA’s season pass on the Xbox One
  • Becoming an Adult
  • the $200 franchise (Ubisoft)
  • Boston FIG 2014

I still have some old topical topics to write in the future when they become relevant again (like that one Half Life 3 post every videogame blogger has up their selves when it is finally announced) but these topics are all dead, dead as a door nail.

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