#433 Mighty No 9 crock pot project

On this little blog of mine I tend to talk about either indie or AAA games I either own or planning to own but I also talk about games that have just been released that I have no interest in buying. But on this site I have not talked much about crowd sources games, like one the games I helped fund and is slated to be in my gaming catalog by next year, Mighty No. 9.


I have not talked too much about Mighty No 9, or as I call it Totally-Not-Mega-Man, since little over a year ago when I pledge the Kickstarter project the required $20 for the backer reward of a digital download code and when I wrote about that game and Black Mensa when I compared it to fan fiction by way of economics (Be MOP #270).

Between that post and now I have not paid much attention to the progress of the project, and for the past few months I completely forgot that the game existed and that I backed them. Even though I receive constant email status updates I have automatically ignored them, a useful talent to have when subscribed to so many political mailing lists. That was unlike Totally-Not-Mega-Man finally got my attention with a special email code about a ‘free’ promotional 3DS game, Mighty Gunvolt.

'free' as is, free to all backers and those who already backed the Kickstarter project or those to bought Azure Striker GUNVOLT.

‘free’ as is in free to all backers and those who already backed the Kickstarter project or those to bought Azure Striker GUNVOLT.


Mighty Gunvolt is a indie proper 8 bit game that acts as a holy marriage between Gunvolt and Totally-Not-Mega-Man with both characters in the rooster. I have it downloaded the game and it is currently next on the chopping lists while I am working on my way through Mega Man 2 and Legend of Zelda on my 3DS gaming backlog.

Currently I am using Kickstarter as a crock pot, putting all the ingredients, funding, in at the beginning, turning it on, leaving it alone, and letting it cook for a few months rather than a few hours. The only catch is that the amazing dish that you have been waiting months for runs the chance of not working out as well as planned.

Luckily for Totally-Not-Mega-Man had it’s fundraising campaign go live before I started seriously looking at the rest of the highs and lows of the videogame world after moving away from playing nothing but World of Warcraft. Now I have a bit of reservation on videogame funded kickstarter with the recent news of so many gaming titles that, through improper management of funds or resources, failed to deliver what they have promised in a game or in some cases a game at all.

I am an reasonable man, I do have the ability to change my mind and opinion on the idea of kickstarter, from a placing your preorder money on a roulette wheel and hoping for the best, back to the idea that it is a place where passionate people can make the games they have always wanted with the help of fans and equally passionate players.

That ability is change my mind is riding on how well Mighty No. 9, my only funded Kickstarter project, will succeeds in quality, value and game play. No pressure. So far I have already seen some fruits of the labor from the Mighty No. 9 project with this Mighty Gunvolt game, acting as an  appetizer and to whet our appetite on what we might see from Mighty No. 9 in the future.

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