#430 A Scrapped Blog Post

This Monday’s Blog posts has been canceled. I had a rough draft of a post that I wanted to get posted today but no matter how many times I typed it up, revised it, and rewrote the post entirely it just did not end up saying the rights things I wanted it to say. On anyy other day where this happened I would spend my morning rushing through and write another blog post with new topic but, sadly several real life things that happened earlier than scheduled got in the way of me writing that potential blog post


all of my best blog posts are written the night before or day in advance so I don’t have to worry about missing any talking points I wanted to talk about when the day comes to actually type it out and press ‘submit’

The problem with managing a long running blog is that sooner or later you are going to start running into events, expos, and ideas that you entertained in the past and the problem arises of trying to write about those same events again and also putting a new spin on things. If you do not find creative ways to add that spin to the topics already written about it ends up treading water which is boring to write about and I assume boring to read about as well and that is what happened to me today.

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