#429 The 3DS Time Capsule

The next installment of Super Smash Bros. is right around the corner, while I have been patiently waiting to buy my Wii U edition of the game I have been killing time and getting more excited for Nintendo’s newest brawl by playing some of the original titles of some of the fighters in the rosters on my 3DS. Blame it on the fact that I am a history fanatic that enjoys a good origin story, and where some of these original, now iconic, tunes that I hear over and over again in the brawl soundtracks WITHOUT resorting to emulation or romhacks.

I have mentioned before I already own a copy of the NES port of Super Mario Bros (Be MOP #380) and Metroid (Be MOP #406) and through one way or another I also picked up 3D Classics: Kid Icarus. It seems that Nintendo was thinking the same thing because I received an email about their discounted Wii U and 3DS games starring the stars of Brawl and with that I picked up a copy of Mega Man II.


 Who says Nintendo doesn't know their player base and have an on point marketing team

Who says Nintendo doesn’t know their player base and have an on point marketing team

With the the released replenishing of the Featured Games offers and my surplus of Club Nintendo rewards coins I also picked up the Legend of Zelda on the 3DS for myself and the first Super Mario Bros for my younger brother.

Because that what bigger brothers do.

Because that what bigger brothers do.

While I am still clicking through Tomodachi Life, waiting for the right moment to open up Bravely Default, these proper 8 bit games have been holding me off the itch for buying another action platform game. All of these games are challenging, way tougher than I anticipated, as I mentioned at the origin point at the start of this blog post, I get to see and hear all the original tunes and experience the first boss fights that all future installments of Mario and Zelda games base themselves off of and for the cherry on top, I also get to see, first hand, the inspiration of the levels and bosses in Shovel Knight.

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