#419 Talking about my Connections to the Gaming Scene

This Tuesday it seems like the floodgates opened up about an indie game developer behind Depression Quest being accused of using her personal connections and influence to gain favorable news stories about the game the dev made.

Despite everything blowing out of control, and the backlash from the people who was trying to control the story from developing and the major problem that was brought up with this story was not the alleged adulterous techniques that was used but how there was no transparently with the some of the members in video game press when talking about the game dev and the game while it was on greenlit phrase on Steam.

At it is at this time I want to sit down and talk about my past interactions with the gaming industry, my Twitch and this blog and what it means to you and me.


First things first, when I created Be MOP a couple of years ago I did not set out to try to build another videogame news website, only the time to update every Monday Wednesdays and Fridays there was no way I could complete with the any of the news sites. So I crafted Be MOP with the intentions of one World of Warcraft player writing about his adventures in the Beta of the Mists of Pandaria and my opinions about the most recent developments, soon after I became burnout on WoW this site soon evolved into a general video game blog about whatever topics I want to discuss.

Over the hundreds of posts I had two public moments I want to bring up, one is a small interaction and the other is more complex and interesting to talk about. Both are not bad but moments but they are things I want to talk about while the internet is on the topic of video game media and transparency.

The first encounter was about a year ago when I met the creator of Neocolonialism on the floor of Boston Fig, while making small talk and buying the preorder of the game I mentioned that I am video game blogger and I have an interest in politics topics and I had my own blog. A while later I received an email from the creator that included with my first advance copy of a game, which helped me write a blog post about the game, as seen in Be MOP #295.


Since then I have not been in contact with Subaltern Games in over a year, and that was nothing wild, I bought an indie game, received an advanced copy of the game, and gave my opinion about the game. I would almost not mention it but I did not make any comments about the backstory at time of writing the game.


The second interaction with the gaming world is a bit more interesting to talk about.

As many know, my most recent gaming project has been the upkeep of my Twitch channel and hosting a stream four nights a week. In my introduction blog post I mentioned that the main game I would be streaming would be the ARTS/MOBA Infinite Crisis (Be MOP #370).

After doing some research and preparing myself for creating my Twitch project I came to the conclusion that Infinite Crisis had everything I was looking for as a new streamer, it was a game still in the beta, it had a small community, and that game, since being a ARTS/MOBA had a lot of replay value for the stream, and most importantly the game is about superheroes fight each other which gave me, an avid comic book fan, the option to tell stories about my favorite Superhero cartoons and comics. 

Choosing Infinite Crisis for my preferred game to stream was not a random choice. I was first introduced to the game when I signed up and got into the closed beta, which you can read all about in Be MOP # 247. Shortly after the writing the post I dropped the game for a while for other -more complete- games I had in my library.

During my time attending this year’s PAX East I saw the Turbine’s Infinite Crisis presence there and after looking around the booth and seeing how far the game progressed it got me interested enough to pick up the game again, which you can follow in Be MOP #367.

During the few weeks I started streaming Infinite Crisis I stumbled upon Infinite Crisis’s Streamer Partnership program via talking someone who was in my chatroom at the time. After that stream session ended I sent in an application for the program in the middle of May (5/18). The requirements to get into the IC Twitch partnership program is to “meet the requirements of streaming regularly, do not run inappropriate content and show your referral link prominently on your page, [and then] you should hear from us within a couple of weeks.” and continued on with my regular life.

Per the norm, I often gather inspiration for blog posts from the interesting games I have been playing lately and with the sudden influx of playing and talking about Infinite Crisis on my stream four nights a week, we saw the publication of my “DC’s ability to print money with Infinite Crisis” (Be MOP #373) and my “Enough with all the Batmans” (Be MOP #382) posts.

Soon after that (June 28th) i received an acceptance letter from Infinite Crisis congratulating me on getting into the Twitch Partnership program.


But what was it?

Being in the Infinite Crisis partnership program means that each week streamers, like myself, are emailed four codes of the newest and latest released cosmetic costumes of the current champions with the instructions to hand them out to our viewers. While I have not every given cash and I hand out every code, goods goes through me and a cynical person could argue that I am paid with in game items that are valued for real life currency. 

During my streams, whenever I try to hand them out I constantly try to remind and tell people where I got these codes from and why I am handing them out. A bit down the like during another past transparency scandal I started adding this comment in the panel section of my stream:

My shtick is that I come up (or borrow) Comic Book related riddles for each stream session and the first person to correctly answer the riddle wins the code for the night, and while this might be at the bottom of my screen throughout the stream I am constantly drawing attention this specific panel

My shtick is that I come up (or borrow) Comic Book related riddles for each stream session and the first person to correctly answer the riddle wins the code for the night. While this panel might be at the bottom of the screen throughout the stream I am constantly drawing attention this specific panel. 


But even before that I made a promise to myself to not about my adventures in the Infinite Crisis game post partnership acceptance,there were a few posts that I wanted to write after “Enough with all the Batmans” but every time I sat down I just felt weird writing it, call it a politician’s intuition. If there was a time I had to write about the news from Infinite Crisis I would make it perfectly that I am in that program. 

What does it mean to you?. But this is also to tell you that you are allowed my viewers to know that this is more than enough grounds to discredit my opinions on Infinite Crisis if you want to and I would understand your skepticism, but I can tell you that if you stop by my stream you can tell I genuinely enjoy the game and I have fun talking about the game. 

As I mentioned before the purpose of this post was to make sure that everyone knows what my interaction is with Infinite Crisis, what I have done to make it known, and what it means for you moving forward. I am planning to continue to write about and stream Infinite Crisis and other videogames for the foreseeable future but I wanted to transparent as can be and open up the lines of communications with you guys as well moving forward.



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  1. To add to an annex to this post I also stumbled upon another Infinite Crisis post on this blog. The game was mentioned in Be MOP #392 (https://bemop.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/392-loving-the-little-things/), which was published on Jun 18th, which is still before I received the acceptance letter.

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