#418 Pokemon’s Depth

To follow up from Friday’s post I started my hand at building a somewhat competitive team while I was busy watching the Pokemon World series,Those two events may or may not be related to each other and the Pokemon Company may or may not have also hired a stellar marketing team to promote the event during the entire weekend. I started my ideal Pokemon team composition with my pick my favorite mega Pokemon I wanted plus the handful of others I wanted and built the rest of the team around the other competitive roles I was missing, and then went to the internet to find the best possible Pokemon build.

My decision to build a competitive Pokemon team has not done wonders for the other 3DS games waiting for me to play them

My decision to build a competitive Pokemon team does not bode for the other 3DS games on my backlog, waiting for their time to shine


I started off the weekend collecting the various Pokemon parents for breeding the future Pokemon then with the preferred Ability and nature but before I started collecting copious amounts of Slowpoke eggs. It was only a decent time has passed when I realized that there was such a thing as Hidden Abilities that could not be obtained through breeding any normal pokemon. Which sent me back to Azure Bay to try farming Slowpoke Horde encounters trying to catch a slowpoke with  Regenerator.

Only after a few more encounters of randomly picked slowpokes to catch with no results I went back to the internet to find if there are better ways of finding that rare Hidden Ability Pokemon and I learned the importance of the ability Trace and Role Play outside of battles in the setting up of competitive play team. So I spent the rest of the weekend refarming slowpokes by spamming my Greninja’s Role Play move on ever single single Slowpoke for the off chance of finding the one slowpoke I wanted.

I will happily give away any and all non-Quiet Regenerator to all interested just to spare anyone else from the terrible grinding that I had to endure with every single slow poke casting Yawn at my Greninja, that only stalls my ability to detect the One. slowpoke. I. wanted.

I will happily give away any and all non-Quiet Regenerator to all interested players just to spare anyone else from the terrible grinding that I had to endure with every single slowpoke casting Yawn at my Greninja, that only stalls my ability to detect the one. slowpoke. I. wanted.


After catching the slowpoke I wanted, I realized that whole ordeal was only the precursor to the actual grind session I wanted,  which was trying to breed a Quiet Regenerator slowpoke, preferably by the time the release of Gen 3DS Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games and the introduction of the Mega Slowbro.

I am reminded of a quote that I want to show a quote from J.C. Smith, who hit the nail on the head about the popularity of the Pokemon franchise and how it has been able to carry on being relevant after two decades:

“We do have to find that balance as marketers, because we want kids that are just coming into it to realize it’s established but it’s not exclusive,” said Smith in an interview. “You don’t have to have been playing for 25 years to understand what’s going on. You can get in and the game will explain itself to you, then you can get into the depth that everyone’s talking about. So that’s very important for us to be able to have that accessibility. But then there’s things like we did here, with the Mega Slowbro reveal. We want something to play to the audience that’s more into the franchise and has been playing it for years and knows these characters intimately, and has their favorites that they want to see in Mega form. So we find that balance the fun part.”


While the entire quote is important to read I do want to focus on the middle part that talked about the depth of the Pokemon games. I might have spent my entire weekend grinding and team building, but it was worth it because it was the first time in a long time since I learned about something new about Pokemon, like what exactly are hidden abilities, how to easily detect hidden powers, the location of all the hidden mega stones in the post game side quest, and the best tricks on breeding certain Pokemon. I might be out of my depth right now, after jumping head first into the vast world of the metagame of competitive pokemon but is already paying off with the adventures I have already had and the conversations with other Pokemon trainers in my attempts to build a decent Pokemon team.



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