#416 Spare an Extra Buck for Extra Life? Follow Up

It is election season all over the states and just about now all the politicians are coming out of the woodwork shaking hands and asking for money, and I am no exception.

Instead of asking for money for my own political organization to secure my seat in the NH House of Representatives I want to bring to light a charity event that I am a participating in this fall.

Extra Life Facebook Cover Photo_v2


I talked about this event a few months ago when I signed up with this event, but Extra Life is an organization that gathers players from around the world to come together on October 25 to marathon videogames for 24 hours in order to raise money and awareness for that gamer’s favorite hospital in the Children’s Miracle Network. This is my first year participating in the Extra Life event and my goal is to raise $200 for Boston Children’s Hospital.

So far, between the first time I wrote about Extra Life and now we were able to raise 125 out of 200 but we are still $75 away from reaching our goal, which is way I am writing this post to see in the hopes that we reach the goal before October deadline.

From my political experience I know that blindly asking for money with no payoff will wield little results, so there are a series of thank you to those who donates. Everyone who donates any amount through the my extra life profile, from one dollar to a hundred, will be featured on my  “Extra Life 2014 Sponsors” section on my Twitch channel. Because Extra Life is advertising themselves as a videogame marathoning event, those who donates $1 per hour for the entire day, for a total of $24 or more will be entered into a raffle to name out of our pet chickens that we received as baby chicks earlier this spring. 

She has grown up quite a bit but she's still just as adorable.

She has grown up quite a bit but she’s still just as adorable.

(Post Publishing note: because there was a slight miscommunication between me and my mother when she was writing her blog post about this event, the new rule is that anyone who donates ANY amount will be entered into the raffle to name our pet chicken)


As a little extra incentive IF we are able to reach the fundraising goal of $200 before late October I have promised that, come October 25, I would stream my 24 hour gaming marathon on Twitch for everyone to see.

If you are interested to seeing your’s truly try his hand at a 24 hour stream session then head on over to my Extra Life profile and donate to a worthy cause. The Extra Life page accept all major credit cards, all donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the funds raised will be going to Boston Children’s Hospital.


Thank you in advance for your generosity


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