#415 Getting Psyched for Boston FIG

As I check my email I realize that Boston FIG, Festival of Indie Games, is just about a month away. If you could not guess from the title of the event, Boston FIG is an event where independent game developers, of both video and card & board game variety comes together and showcase what games they are currently working on   I attended the expo last year and during the Spring time I did remember to go out and buy two tickets for my younger brother and I and I am quite excited to attend this event to come by. Why? Everyone knows that I am a fan of the Indie game scene, as one of the few places where the game developer’s vision of game that they always wanted to make could be realized without the compromises and pressure from stockholders or the market. It was because of the Indie games being the reason why I got into the platforming gerne with pixel perfect truly pushing platforming games like Super Meat Boy and They Bleed Pixels.




Part of being one of the two videogame related events in Boston and the excitement from attending last year was seeing the fruits of labor from these game devs all on display , in 2013 I was able to see a demo of Tiny Brains, a game I am currently playing through now for this month of ‘Games from my Backlog’, but it was at Boston FIG I stumbled upon one of my favorite politically inspired turn base strategy indie games of all time, Neocolonialism (Be MOP #295). I can only imagine what games will be presented on the game floor this year. This is my chance to see what new East Coast games to look forward to next, whether it will be a new game to download on my phone, or computer, or like we saw with some indie games get picked up by major videogame console companies. All I hope is not to see the demo floor flooded with nothing but simulation games, like what we are currently seeing with the likes of Steam’s Indie page.

it is like a mini E3 for indies games

it is like a mini E3 just for indies games 


Also gives me an excuse to travel down to Boston, my favorite city, travel around the city, allows me to travel on the T, explore the city blocks, allows me to shop in some of the local cafes and Boston FIG gives me a reason to go to bars hang out and collect some of those sweet, sweet Nintendo 3DS street passes. As I get older with a full-time job with other adult commitments in my life, a weekend day trip down to Boston is a sacred treat.

Boston FIG is going to be held at MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center on September 13th and tickets are priced at $10 per person or if you are going with a group the tickets are $7.50 each



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