#413 Filler Post: The Undiscovered Country

Alright I was going have a wonderful post about Boston FIG but then I received a tweet that not only did the North American version of the Pokemon Center went live and to celebrate Nintendo released a very special version of Vivillon sporting a Pokeball themed pattern and well my entire morning was taken up downloading a new Pokemon and buying special Pokemon pins and other collectibles.



Hmmmmm this Filler Post is not very Star Trek-y compared to the other installment in the series, Fun Fact: This was the Star Trek movie that came out during my birth year so I got that going for me.



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  1. I saw that movie the night it released. The whole crowd stood and cheered when that Klingon ship was destroyed. Then I went back and saw it 9 more times at the second-run theatre. It’s my second-favourite movie ever. I, um … may have been in college back then … >.>

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