#411 Games from my Backlog for the month of August

Good morning everyone, today’s not only the start of the weekend but the start of the  new month, and that means I go partake in the long running project of trying to curb the amount of games currently sitting on my backlog by picking a few games to dedicate my extra play time complete, or at the very least get enough of the taste of the game to see if I would enjoy that genera for future games. Last month I picked the two games, LEGO Batman 2 and Ducktales: Remastered.

I played a couple of hours into Lego Batman and it was a wonderful beat and smash em up game staring Lego version of everyone Gotham’s best and worsts characters, and the game itself got plenty of characters as well with the dialogue in the cut scenes and how they were able to add several musical scores from classic Batman and Superman themes into the game which is a very nice touch to add. But my years from World of Warcraft I have been able to quickly identify what a time/grind sink is and is the definition of grind sink, with hidden collectibles, secret objectives, and a quota of money collected by destroying destructible props on the set.

Which is not a bad thing, I think everyone should have game in their library to go to when you want to play a game but just turn off their brains for a while. I had my daily grind in World of Warcraft and currently have the goal of completing the Pokedex in X/Y. While I do like the idea of Lego games the Batman title was just not for me it was just too dark of a city to run around in but I still have Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Marvel Super Heroes in my library and the other handful of Lego games on steam to find the perfect Lego game to spend countless hours just grinding and exploring.

Ducktales: Remastered was a game I started and finished while broadcasting it on my Twitch Stream and as I said on the stream, I was never raised on the Ducktales television show OR the game so the extra effort Disney put into to remastered edition was appreciated but I felt like I did not get the full effect compared to people who picked up this game when they played the original game on the NES. Over all though it was an enjoyable platformer although a tad limited (but it excused considering that it was on built for the original Nintendo console)  I can see how aspects of this game was the inspiration for other future games like say Shovel Knight and every other 2D indie platformers.


that Moon music though, I can see why it's so legendary.

that Moon level theme though, I can see why it’s so legendary.


With most of our summer done lets look forward to the new month with a couple of new games to play through for August, and it was not until I started writing this post for today when I realized that this month is the one year anniversary the “games from my backlog” project found way back in Be MOP #258.

One of my first three games that was on the chopping block was Tell Tale’s Walking Dead and what better way than to come full circle and play through the second season of The Walking Dead. While I have already made my arguments that games such like these maybe should not be called videogames but categorized as something else (Be MOP #259) I do want to follow up on the story of Clementine and see how the walker infested world has changed since the end of Season One.

For my second game I am choosing the indie platforming game Tiny Brains, not only because t was one of the few Indie games that was picked up by Sony for one of the games for the PlayStation 4 launch titles but because it was featured and recommended by one of my favorite YouTube celebrity  featured it on his show and recommend it to everyone.


And it is an indie platforming game with that extra third dimension which makes it stand a head of the sea of 2D platformers

And it is an indie platforming game with that extra third dimension which makes it stand a head of the sea of 2D platformers


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