#407 Filler Post: The Final Frontier

Reaching back in my bag of tricks for today’s post, am I going to add another episode to the sage of Science Fiction themed filler post for today blog post.  Truth be told I was going to write a post about the most recent Batman Arkham Knight’s Red Hood DLC preorder bonus and asking the question, “what is the point of preordering games in a gaming age where digital distribution is built into every console and PC gaming device?”

As I was writing the rough draft of it late last night I realized that the post did not add anything new to the conversation of Preorder bonuses in the videogame industry. After a good sleep and rereading the initial post for today, the entire thing came off as getting angry about a persistent issue without offering any sort of solution, which is just a waste of space on the internet.


If you excuse me, I have to deal with my long-lost brother who just stole my friend’s spaceship in his crazy attempt of locate God in the middle of our galaxy.

I will see you guys back here Friday


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