#406 Adding some much needed games to my 3DS library

I have noticed that over the past few weeks I have been neglecting my 3DS lately, between my regularly scheduled Twitch PC streams and my weekend play time dedicated to getting through the HD remake of Zelda Wind Waker on the Wii U. The last 3DS game I bought, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, was described as ‘meh’ at best.

My 3DS gaming drought has been so bad I have been resorted to replaying my old copy of Pokemon White to unlock the ability to transfer all of my Pokemon from my GameBoy Advance games to the PokeBank. Recently I have been looking for an opportunity to get some new/more games onto my handheld and thankfully Nintendo just happened to finished their 2013-2014 year long Club Nintendo session, and with all of my recent purchases I got the option to choose my pick of a free Nintendo game the gold status rewards tier.

Filling out all those surveys have really paid off

Filling out all those surveys have really paid off


Last year was a big year for me and for my Nintendo collection with my purchase of my 3DS, Pokemon Y, Super Mario 3D Land, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, my Wii U console, Mario Kart 8, and my beloved Super Mario 3D world I have gathered some nice Nintendo coins just sitting collecting digital dust. I have been waiting for a chance to redeem them with this yearly thank you of Nintendo to seems like the best time to use those coins to download some free games. This past weekend I chose up Metroid for the 3DS as my prize of the Gold membership reward, I used my Nintendo loyalty reward coins to pick up the 3DS port of the classic Kid Icarus and the first Paper Mario game for the Wii U just for the sake of nostalgia.

While I was downloading classic 8 bit NES games I also decided to buy Shovel Knight for the 3DS, I almost have to buy it for a Nintendo platform if I wanted to pay respects to the old ways of Action Platformers. In all of my research for figuring out which platform to buy Shovel Knight on (Be MOP #403) nobody told me that the 3DS port of a third-party indie game company -that was funded on Kickstarter- actually kept 3D feature/gimmick in mind when programming the game.

These are some pretty big shoes to fill Might No. 9 hope you are up to the challenge to one up them

That’s pretty much an Insta-buy for the 3DS right there


Between all of those recently downloaded games to my virtual library,  Best Buy’s current Buy one get one Free sale on 3DS games, and my next paycheck coming in this Friday, it looks like my 3DS is going to get some much-needed attention.

Oh goodness

Run my little paycheck RUN!



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