#404 Post Not Found



I have a no post for today. It is not because I do not have some content and topics to write about, in fact I have a wonderful post about BattleBlock Theater, Mario, and brilliant level design that was going to go up today BUT I decided to postpone that post simply so I can use this overused joke.

Everyone and their dog have made a Error 404 joke at one point in their life (and I am no exception) but this is the four hundredth and fourth Be MOP post I am using this old internet joke, that took literally years of set up to deliver the punch line, as an excuse to take the day off from blogging.


See you guys back here Friday.


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Be MOP focuses on the world of videogames with my own reflections about the current news and developments that happens throughout the gaming industry. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


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